What are the best panniers for a horse?

The iron cloth panniers are by far the most durable and long lasting horse panniers available especially if used in rough country. As mentioned earlier, canvas panniers rubbing against rocks and trees will easily fray and tear the canvas.

How do the R1100RT and R1200RT handle?

The R1100RT, and the new R1200RT, handle like sport bikes, aided as they are by the unique telelever front suspension and paralever rear. With the telelever front end, you can brake as hard as you want, and an RT will not dive.

How much does a pannier set cost?

Our Bear Box Pannier Set is bear resistant. Compare with other Suppliers at $449.95! Turns your hard sided Panniers into the perfect camp table! See our Granite Trail Pannier Pack System with Poly Liners. We carry horse Granite Trail Saddle Panniers.

Do Your panniers work on all saddles?

However, one of our more popular models of pannier (our 325 BL) works very well on all types of saddles. Whereas most other of the panniers below are designed for the Sawbuck or Decker pack saddles. 15oz canvas Mantie Tarps to cover your load.

What is the difference between R1200ST and R1150RS?

The new R1200ST is sportier than the R1150RS it replaces, and puts the rider in an aggressive crouch. The R1200ST is the third model in the new R1200 oilhead boxer series for 2005 that also includes the RT and GS; the R1200 cruiser line has been dropped for ’05.

Can you use a saddle pannier on a pack saddle?

However, some saddle panniers can be used , with great difficulty, on pack saddles also. Saddle panniers do not ride as securely on a saddle as pack panniers ride on pack saddles. Therefore, saddle panniers need a strap that goes around the pack animals stomach with a good teeth buckle to help keep the saddle panniers balanced and secure.

What is the best pannier to buy?

Called the “Number One” for a reason, this is the top pannier made today! Made from 32 oz. cotton duck with 10 oz. harness leather ends, leather top straps, and nylon latigos, This pannier is styled after the old forest service pannier.