What are the 12 S blends?

Use slide, skunk, spoon, snake, star, and swing to teach students to recognize the S-family blends and hear their sounds in the initial position of words.

What are S blends in speech?

What is an s-blend? An s-blend is a combination of two consonants (and sometimes three), the first of which is an /s/, followed by a different consonant sound such as k, l, n, p, t, m, w, etc,. Consonant clusters are frequent targets in speech therapy.

How do you teach articulation S?

The /s/ sound is made by placing the tip of your tongue just behind the front teeth, very close to the roof of the mouth but not touching it. The sides of the tongue are raised to touch the roof of the mouth, leaving a passage for air down the middle of the tongue.

How many S blends are there?

There are 4 different S blends bingo templates in this packet. A picture is included for each word. S blends include sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, st. Directions and word list are included.

What is s blend example?

An ‘s’ blend is a combination of at least two consonants, the first of which is ‘s’. For example:

  • Sm: small, smell, smile.
  • Sn: snow, snail, snack.
  • Sl: slide, slime, slip.
  • Sp: spider, spin, spoon.
  • Sk: skate, sky, school.
  • Sw: swim, swan, sweep.

What are the S clusters?

The /s/ sound is found in a variety of combinations with other letters, called “blends.” Some /s/ words with a blend can include “spider” (the consonants blended together are s and p), “skate” (s and k) or “spoon” (s and p). When someone reduces the number of sounds in a blend, it is called cluster reduction.

When should children have S blends?

Developmental Norms: There is a significant amount of variability for the development of blends, however, most 1 children produce all ‘s-blends’ correctly by 7 years of age. Age at which at least 90% of children produced the sound correctly in all word positions.

How do I access new articulation materials?

First, there is a FREE worksheet (for non-members) and link (for members) to access new articulation materials. Second, there is a word list for quick viewing.

What is an articulation disorder?

An articulation disorder or speech sound disorder is when a child has problems making speech sounds properly. One typical articulation error kids make is the /s/ sound. To produce a clear /s/ sound, the tongue is raised high in the mouth to almost touching the alveolar ridge, the roof of the mouth.

What are the best articulation sounds to work on?

The “s” sound is a great sound to work on because it’s so accessible in the English language. One of my favorite activities I do with any articulation sound is a sensory bin. You can even use a cardboard box for this activity if you don’t have a plastic bin at home.

What are the different types of s words?

S Words 1 Beginning. 2 Middle. 3 Ending. 4 SL – Blends. 5 SM – Blends. 6 SN – Blends. 7 SP – Blends. 8 ST – Blends. They made a circle with their hands. She is so sad she is crying. They are taking the sailboat on the water. More