What are subjects in HR?

Electives in MBA HR Syllabus

Industrial Relations Law Communications in Change Management
Fundamentals of Labor Law Human Resource Planning
Wage Determination and Administration Mergers and Acquisitions
International Human Resource Management Strategic HRM
Measuring HR Occupational Testing

Which course is best for MBA HR?

If you are wondering about what to do after MBA in HR, here are some of the top job-oriented courses for MBA HR graduates:

  • Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program.
  • SAP HR Certification.
  • SHRM Certified Professional.
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional.
  • Society for Human Resource Management Certification.

Which subject is best for HR?

MBA in HR Syllabus

MBA in HR subjects and syllabus
Managerial Economics Entrepreneurship Development
Accounting and Finance Human Resource Information System
Business Environment Human Resource Planning and Development
Human Resource Management Training and Development

What is the salary of MBA HR?

MBA HR: Salary in India The average base salary is about Rs 6.42 lakh per annum. The salary is usually determined as per the years of experience. While an HR Manager will draw about Rs 8 lakh, a Senior HR Manager’s package can touch Rs 14 lakh. A Vice-President in HR will be drawing a salary of around Rs 34 lakh.

Why should I choose MBA in HR?

Moreover, with an MBA in HR, you will gain immense experience and knowledge in the industry you are working in. You will gain insights on the latest trends, current regulations, and developments in the industry. Moreover, you will develop leadership qualities and be performing a key role in the company.

What are the benefits of MBA in HR?

Here are the most important benefits of pursuing MBA in HR:

  • Playing in the Upfront.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills & Organisational Knowledge.
  • Greater Job Opportunities.
  • Achieve Effective Leadership Standards.
  • Advanced Salary.
  • Job Stability.
  • Insights into Organisational Psychology.

What job can I get after MBA in HR?

Jobs after MBA in HR

  • Human Resource Manager.
  • Human Resource Consultant.
  • International Human resource professional.
  • Human Resource Generalist.
  • Human Resource Specialist IT.
  • Employee Education Consultant.
  • Director of HR Training and Development.
  • Staffing Director.

What is the salary of MBA in HR in India?

The average MBA HR salary in India is INR 6.36 lakh per annum. You can get many jobs with this qualification, such as an HR manager, HR business partner, technical recruiter, human resources consultant, and many others.

What is HR course in MBA?

An MBA in HR or Human resource management is a two-year degree program. It focuses on the recruitment, management, and providing direction and guidance for the people who work in an organization. An MBA in HR program offers training and knowledge in managing the workforce of the organization.

What jobs can you get with MBA in human resources?

A:One of the top MBA careers With Human Resources specialization get you jobs in the training department. Many individuals with this course combination get jobs in the Quality Analysis department and also in the new recruits training department as the quality trainer.

What are the subjects of MBA?

Major MBA Subjects in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy. The MBA subjects list will look very similar, with finance, marketing, operations management, economics, human resource management and strategy forming the core subjects. These core subjects are covered in the first year (in a 2-year MBA).

What is HR MBA?

MBA in HR (Human Resource) is one of the most opting specializations of management courses. It is a challenging and stimulating programme of management. The HRM was started as the discipline of the education and in a profession in the year 1913 as the labour management in England.

What is a MBA in Human Resource Management?

A:An MBA degree in human resource management is a graduate level program. In this degree, students cover a wide range of business administrative subjects long with an in-depth study of human resource management theories. The program can be completed in two years and is also offered online by many popular online business schools.