What are Libsyn basic statistics?

The system aims to give you the most important information up front, providing totals at the show, episode, and social level. The top row displays show totals including total downloads, legacy downloads, and unique downloads.

How many people use Libsyn?

Libsyn enables distribution to more than 25 destinations to 130M unique monthly audience in 2019.

What is Libsyn used for?

Libsyn can host and distribute not just audio, but also videos and PDFs via your podcast RSS feed. Reach your mobile audience with an audio or video media player customized to your brand.

How often do Libsyn stats update?

Q: How often do Blubrry Stats update? A: All Blubrry Stats services automatically update every six hours starting at approximately 1AM Eastern Time every day. Standard Stats users have the option to manually refresh their stats in between these automatic update periods.

What is Podnods crawler?

“podnods-crawler”: This is a bot for crawling data for our pages. It does not have end-user traffic. “podnods-player”: This is a real listener playing podcasts on our site.

Why is Libsyn good?

Overall, Libsyn is a great service to use if you don’t need that unlimited storage space, but want a strong community with a long history. At its core, Libsyn has a simple interface where it’s easy to upload audio and generate your RSS links.

What are unique downloads on libsyn?

A unique download is a filtered statistic in which those requests are determined to be from the same overall download request, showing one unique download rather than the raw request count.

What is considered a successful podcast?

How many downloads makes a successful podcast? The most successful podcast episode had around 50,000 downloads in only 30 days. An episode with 9,000 downloads earns a place in the top 5% of podcasts, and 3,400 downloads puts you in the top 10%.

How do I embed Libsyn into WordPress?

Search for Embedly and install the plugin. With the plugin installed and active, create a new post in WordPress as normal. In your post, place the URL you copied from Libsyn where you wish the player to appear. The player will automatically appear, publish your post as usual.