What animals are at Woburn?

The species held in the park include Southern white rhinos, elands, Scimitar horned oryxes, Addaxes, Gemsboks, Ankoles, Zebras, African wild asses, Asian elephants, Bactrian camels, North American bison, bongos, African lions, Canadian timber wolves, North American black bears, and Barbary monkeys.

What animals do you see at Woburn Safari?

Woburn Safari Park is home to endangered and exotic animals. From lions and tigers, to rhinos and giraffes, plus some smaller residents including red pandas, otters and sea lions, there are lots of animals for you to meet during your day trip to Bedfordshire’s Woburn Safari Park!

Does Woburn have wolves?

The North American black bears living at Woburn have a 13 acre reserve, which they share with the Canadian Timber wolves. This is one of the only mixed carnivore enclosures in the UK.

How many animals does Woburn Zoo have?

Woburn Safari Park is a wild animal park, set in over 360 acres of beautiful parkland. Home to over 1,000 wild and exotic animals, and the perfect day out for animal encounters and visiting wonderful wildlife.

Does Woburn have elephants?

Raja is the male elephant in the Woburn Safari Park herd, living with four females Chandrika, Damini, Yu Zin and juvenile Tarli, in a specially designed house.

Does Woburn have penguins?

There is a large colony of Humboldt penguins living in a custom designed habitat at Woburn Safari Park. Keepers recognise each individual penguin by the spot patterns on their chests, each one has a unique pattern which they keep throughout their life.

Can you avoid the monkey enclosure at Woburn?

2 answers. Yes there is a bypass in the Road Safari if you don’t wish to go through the section with the monkeys.

Does Woburn Safari have monkeys?

The troop of Patas monkeys at Woburn Safari Park can be seen in the African Forest drive-through enclosure in the Road Safari. Visitors can spot them roaming freely in their 16-acre exhibit with the troop of Barbary macaque monkeys and herd of Eastern mountain bongo.

Can you feed animals at Woburn Safari Park?

DO NOT FEED the animals. They are fed on special diets and you could make them seriously ill. If you are caught feeding the animals you will be asked to leave the park and no refund will be payable. No dogs or BBQ’s are permitted anywhere on site.

Do monkeys damage your car at Woburn?

No need – the monkeys rarely damage cars, and there is a bypass if you don’t wish to drive through this section.

How long does it take to get around Woburn?

About 45 mins on the drive through, and an hour or so on the walk. Both can be rushed, but taking your time is worthwhile abs then takes 2-3 hours. over a year ago.

Can I take my dog to Woburn safari?

Woburn Safari Park is only accessible by car. No pets or dogs are permitted into the Safari Park and kennel facilities are not provided. Soft tops and convertibles are allowed in the Safari Park.

What animals live at Woburn Safari Park?

Amara is one of the pride of 11 African lions living at Woburn Safari Park. Pepe is a Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo which are native to Australia; he is by far the Park’s cheekiest bird.

What is the postcode for Woburn Safari Park?

Postcode: MK43 0TU Welcome to Woburn Safari Park! Woburn Safari Park is a drive through wildlife park nestled in over 300 acres of beautiful Bedfordshire parkland. Admission to the park includes the Road Safari drive through expansive parkland reserves to see some of the world’s most endangered animals, including rhinos, tigers, lions and giraffe.

What’s it like to visit Woburn Park?

The park contains many impressive big beasts, including white rhino, elephants, black bears, zebras, wolves and tigers. Look out, too, for the Vietnamese sika deer. This species is extinct in the wild, and Woburn is the only place in the UK where you can see the animal. What’s it like?

Where is Whipsnade Zoo?

Located south-west of Luton, Whipsnade is the larger, sister attraction to London Zoo. It’s so spacious that it holds the title of Britain’s largest zoo.