Should arrow fletchings be straight?

Fletching an arrow with straight vanes provides little spin, but they should fly faster because there is less air resistance and speed is not lost from the spinning motion of the arrow.

Does the odd color Fletching go up or down?

It’s a DROP AWAY rest……….the fletchings aren’t in contact with anything as the arrow leaves the string. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which way the odd feather is pointing.

Where should arrow Fletchings be placed?

For the most part, you want your fletching about 1-1.5 inches below the nock end of the arrow shaft. So place one appropriately in your clamp, and then lay it against the arrow WITHOUT glue, just to make sure everything is lined up properly.

What length Fletchings should I use?

If you shoot a big gnarly fixed-blade broadhead, or if you’re a finger/traditional shooter, you should definitely get the larger fletching material. You’ll need it. But if you shoot a well-tuned modern compound with a mechanical release and expandable broadheads, a 2-3″ fletch will be plenty.

Can you replace arrow Fletchings?

An archery shop can easily replace all your arrow components, whether you need new points, nocks or fletching. Fletchings have an important job: They stabilize the arrow in flight. Without them, arrows fly erratically. An archery shop will assess your arrows and replace your fletchings, if needed.

Is a whisker biscuit a good rest?

It is true the Whisker Biscuit slightly reduces the speed and accuracy of your arrow. It’s worth noting the difference is so minuscule that most shooters won’t notice. The whiskers can put stress on the arrow vanes, so you may need to re-fletch your arrows after multiple shots.

How are Fletchings attached to arrows?

To attach your fletching to the arrow shaft you’ll need a jig that aligns each fletching in a precise, consistent location. Fletching jigs have a base that holds the arrow shaft and a clamp that holds the fletching against the shaft. Read the fletching jig’s instructions to learn how to set up the jig for your arrows.