As it has always been emphasized, essays are as important for the applicants as the marks they are coming to the school with. When it comes to MBA, the essay is what lets the admissions understand whether the person is right for the program, or he/she should take some time to gain experience and understand what is important to him/her. Therefore, if you are sure MBA is for you and you are willing to be the part of this huge team of leaders and business professionals, you need to know how to nail the writing process, and these MBA essay writing tips will show you what it takes to do it.

  1. As you need to make a decision whether to apply or not long before the application is due, you can take your time for the quality preparation, and it is crucial to do it without stressing yourself out. Keep notes on the ideas for writing, and try to think of the life stories that can help you convey what you want in the essay. Do not spend months choosing what to write about. When you see that your list of ideas is pretty big, it is time to cross out the bad options, and pick the most appropriate one out of the ones that are left.
  1. The same as in a resume or a CV, you will have to show your best skills and accomplishments. Make the list of the things you can brag about, and see which points are suitable enough to include in the essay.
  1. The topic and the list of accomplishments are rarely enough for writing. There are still some questions you need to answer and the issues you have to address. Think what you value the most in your life, and what you plan to do with it. What is your greatest accomplishment and the biggest failure? Do you have what it takes to become a great leader? You may either be asked to provide the answers in the essay, or do it in the interview later.
  1. Create the outline of the paper, and think what info each section of the paper will cover. Before that, you need to decide what you want the admissions to know, and think what they want to know about you.
  1. Know when you are productive. Do not force yourself to write when you are sleepy, and do not stay idle when you are full of energy and enthusiasm. Come up with the own way to write the essay and with the schedule that will not impede your work, studies, or sleep. You will spend a lot of hours working on the application, and you can surely not complete it in one sit. Also, you cannot let the writing time ruin the everyday fun, so write as you wish, but make sure you finish before the deadline.
  1. The key to the ideal essay is editing, not writing. Everything starts with an idea, and it may not be perfect. If you are in the mood to write, and you have something on your mind, spill it out. Do not try to write in the perfect words and phrases. You will only waste time and forget the original idea. It is much easier to write everything down and edit afterward.
  1. Do not forget that you need to consider the requirements and needs of the school while writing. Each school has history, principles, and something unique to offer to their students. Therefore, if you apply to multiple schools, have the same number of essays for each one.
  1. Face the reality – you are not ideal, and you surely are not a perfect candidate. And the irony is – it is great! Admissions know that you are not perfect, and they want you to accept it and show that you know where your weak spots are. Present one of the weaknesses you have, and state how you are fighting to become better and overcome it.
  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You know how crucial it is to review the essay a few times after you finish it. However, you cannot do it yourself, at least, you cannot do it qualitatively. A friend or a parent will most likely not be the best help you can find. It is better to look for the professional who can adequately analyze what you have written, and tell you what about your MBA essay does not seem right. You may not realize how many inconsistencies or errors you actually have until someone points right at them, so if you do not want to submit a weak application, be sure to use this tip.