Is the Grado SR60e as good?

Conclusion. If you’re looking for the best audio performance to price ratio, the Grado SR60e are an absolutely amazing deal. Sure, these can’t really be compared to Grado’s higher-end offerings, and they’re not ideal for every situation, but for pure music enjoyment, these headphones are a great buy.

Do all Grado headphones sound the same?

They are similar designs, so they’ll sound similar. You pay more for refinement. If you want to hear a grado that sounds significantly different from the others, there’s the 325i.

Are Grado headphones noise Cancelling?

And right now, these are the only wireless option from Grado Labs. They’re a wireless version of the company’s popular ATH-M50x over-ear headphones. By design, you get more noise isolation here since the GW100 is an on-ear model, but there’s still no active noise cancellation (ANC).

Should you buy Grado sr60i headphones?

If it weren’t clear by now, we couldn’t be happier with the Grado SR60i headphones. What they lack in frills or features, they more than make up for in sound quality, combining a wide-open and fairly neutral balance with excellent clarity and detail.

Do Grado Prestige series sr60e hold up to the company name?

The Grado Prestige Series SR60e are among the company’s lower priced options, so do they hold up to the company name? If you’re looking to get into the world of open-back headphones without spending a ton of cash, these are a fantastic option. Grado Labs is a well-loved brand among many audiophiles, and with good reason.

What does the sr60e come with in the box?

The box that holds the SR60e headphones is fairly thin cardboard, though the headphones are secured in form-fitting foam to keep them bouncing around inside the box. The headphones, complete with the already-attached 1/4″ adapter are all that you’ll find inside the box.

Is the Yamaha sr60is worth it for me?

Returning to the bass: some may crave a little more bottom-end extension, but the SR60is will go deep enough for the vast majority of people, and have low frequencies that are supremely tight and expressive. And if you still want more bass, you could just got for the SR80is, which are, amazingly, even better. What Hi-Fi?