Is Sophie la girafe made in France?

Every Sophie is made in a small factory in eastern France. But Sophie’s simplicity and small-scale French origins—carefully communicated by her maker, the French company Vulli—have played a big role in the toy’s success outside its home country.

What is the story behind Sophie the giraffe?

… the simple story of a girafe born on May 25th in the year 1961, Saint Sophie’s day. When the first signs of teething appear, Sophie la girafe helps babies stop crying! By simple word of mouth, the little giraffe’s fame spread.

How much is Sophie the Giraffe worth?

Sophie the Giraffe sells for $25 to $30 at most retailers. That’s a lot for a toy that will constantly be covered in your child’s saliva. Many other teething toys go for well under $10, but Sophie the Giraffe is consistently among the best selling teething toys on the web, and is well-loved by parents.

What is the deal with Sophie the giraffe?

Sophie is made of natural rubber—each giraffe spends three months curing on a tray in the factory in Rumilly, France—and embellished with food-grade paint. Its success has led to unsubstantiated reports of imposter giraffes.

Who makes the original Sophie the Giraffe?

History. The toy has been made in France (as Sophie la Girafe) since 1961, first in Asnières-sur-Oise, near Paris by Delacostethen from 1991 by Vulli based in Rumilly in the French Alps. Its name refers to its launch on 25 May 1961, the feast day of Saint Madeline Sophie Barat.

Can Sophie the Giraffe be sterilized?

In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilising Sophie la girafe. Known sterilisation methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilising solution (boiling water or water with a sterilisation tablet) that could damage it.

What is the difference between Sophie and giraffe?

Why can the colours be different from one Sophie la Girafe to another? All our giraffes are hand-painted. Their colour differs according to the quantity of material, the shade of the natural pigment and the actions of our operators in our workshops.