Is Predaking the strongest combiner?

The pinnacle of Decepticon combiners, Predaking holds the distinction of being Megatron’s largest most exceptional combiner.

Who is Predakings rival?

The Predacons continued to put in short appearances in 1987’s Japanese-exclusive spinoff series, Transformers: The Headmasters, usually fighting alongside and against the other combiner teams in various battles. Most often he would face off with his newest rival, Raiden, combined form of the Trainbots.

Who is Monstructor?

Monstructor is a Decepticon combiner from the Generation 1 continuity family. Monstructor is the channel for an evil beyond the darkest Decepticon imagination, and far beyond the puerile concerns of the insignificant beings who make up his composite form.

Is Predaking stronger than Optimus Prime?

Despite the combined efforts of Magnus and Wheeljack, using the Forge of Solus Prime and even dropping a giant rock on him, Predaking was able to overpower the two in no time, even breaking the Forge with his hands. They were barely able to escape Predaking’s wrath with the timely arrival of Optimus Prime.

Is Predaking good or bad?

the original Predaking was very ruthless, brutal, and had no qualms about allowing his minions to devour other Cybertronians and even sometimes killed them himself. Prima was, unfortunately very true to his word and left Predaking and his followers to die in the Great Cataclysm.

How strong is Predaking?

Predaking (Transformers Prime) Lifting Strength: Class 500+ Used a boulder many times his size with ease, can outmuscle Megatron; feats done in robot mode- Is more powerful in dragon mode.

Who made the Terrorcons?

Transformers: Generation 1. The Terrorcons are a group of five Decepticons under the command of Galvatron. The Terrorcons transform into nightmarish monsters and combine to form the “combiner” Abominus.

Is it time to panic about Monstructor?

Now, it’s time to panic. Monstructor was the first gestalt Transformer. He was created by Jhiaxus under the direction of Nova Prime, who sought to reproduce Nexus Prime ‘s combination technology without the aid of the lost Enigma of Combination.

What happened to Monstructor after the war?

Monstructor resurfaced six years later as part of the Decepticon Vengeance Division, serving aboard Bludgeon’s Worldsweeper and being warped into a new form by Ore-11. As Unicron laid waste to Cybertron, the Council of Worlds retaliated by deploying their own combiner, Victorion.

What happened to the original Transformers?

The Transformers began a steady decline in popularity following the death of Optimus Prime in Transformers: The Movie. One of the last concepts to come out of the line in the late ‘80s were Pretender Transformers: organic shells that housed transformable robots on the inside.

What are the 6 Decepticons in Transformers?

A group of six Pretender Decepticons — Icepick, Birdbrain, Bristleback, Slog, Scowl, and Wildfly — merged to form Monstructor, a mysterious robot whose very touch could corrode any metal! The Technobots are a group of futuristic vehicles who fight for the Autobot cause.