Is MyCharge a lithium battery?

myCharge 7.4-Volt Lithium Ion Portable Battery Pack.

Are MyCharge Chargers good?

If you want a portable charge with the battery power to charge your smartphone multiple times, the MyCharge HubMax is a good choice. Its 10050mAh battery is much higher capacity than a pocket-sized charger, yet it’s still small enough to be truly portable — and safe to take on flights.

How long does a MyCharge portable charger last?

approximately two years
Our chargers have a shelf life of approximately two years. That’s 730 days!

Why is my power bank not holding charge?

Check if the power cable is fully inserted or not- There is a possibility that you may not have fully inserted the power plug in the charging port that leads to a faulty connection. Use a different adaptor – There is a possibility that the adaptor you are using to charge your power bank has gone faulty.

Does Mycharge work for Iphone?

The new myCharge HubMax 10050mAh portable charger is the packed with power. With an integrated Apple Lightning cable, an integrated micro-USB cable and a built-in USB port, you can easily stay charged anywhere….

Compatible Phone Models Iphone-5s, Iphone-5c, Nokia
Connector Type Usb, Micro USB
Battery Capacity 10050

How do I know if my myCharge is charging?

To tell if your portable charger is fully charged, check to see if all of the indicator lights are on. If your portable charger does not have charging indicator lights, you can look up in the manual provided to see how long your specific device takes to charge.

Does myCharge work for Iphone?

How do I know if myCharge is charging?

How do I turn on myCharge?

First, recharge your myCharge until at least 1 or more of the LEDs is solid. Then connect your myCharge to your phone or tablet. Next, press (shake for the Razor & Energy Shot) the power button to initiate charging.