Is Momoi actually dating Kuroko?

Satsuki Momoi (桃井 さつき Momoi Satsuki) is the manager of Tōō Academy and the previous manager of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High who is in love with Tetsuya Kuroko that she sees herself as his girlfriend.

Is Aomine mixed?

Kagami is tanned, likely from being in the U.S. and Aomine is lilely mixed with some other ethnicity. Though I do find it funny that the fastest player in KnB japan is darker than most. If he was as dark as he is in the manga then it could be arguable for Aomine. In the manga he’s dark af.

Why did Momoi call Aomine a ganguro?

Aomine, who has dark skin, at one point called “ganguro” by another of the main characters, Satsuki Momoi, a girl who was manager of the Generation of Miracles team and of Aomine’s team now, as well as being in love with Kuroko. “Ganguro” means “black face”, so this could be seen as racist.

Is Aomine Daiki a first year?

As he grew up, he began to play against streetballers. This was the developement of his ever-changing flexible streetball. Aomine and Kuroko at Teikō Aomine attended Junior High school in Teikō for three years. He joined the basketball club as a first-year and was put into the first-string team immediately.

Who is Kise shipped with?


# portmanteau characters
2301 AoKise Daiki Aomine/Ryōta Kise
2272 AkaKuro Seijūrō Akashi/Tetsuya Kuroko
1357 AkaFuri Seijūrō Akashi/Kōki Furihata
1287 AoKuro Daiki Aomine/Tetsuya Kuroko

What is the relationship between Aomine and Momoi?

Aomine and Momoi have had a very close friendship since childhood since they live close together. As children they often played basketball together. Up until Junior High school, they were very close and were on first name basis (him calling her “Satsuki” and her calling him “Dai-chan”).

What is the relationship between Aomine and Kise?

Kuroko’s misdirection and invisible passes connected with Aomine’s strength and the two brought out the best in each other. This was the start of the first “light and shadow” relationship. In his second year of Junior High school, Aomine inspired Kise to play basketball and he became his training partner.

What is Aomine’s relationship with the old Kagami?

Momoi stated that the old Aomine was very similar to Kagami ; he loved playing basketball and was very good at it too. However, he kept training and getting stronger, to the point that he often completely crushed his opponents’ will to play basketball. He was initially sad about this, and searched for his equal on the court, but he never found one.

What does Momoi tell Aomine about Midorima’s match against Kuroko?

Momoi runs into him at the gym, where he is slacking off while the rest are having the preliminaries finals. Momoi informs him about the match between Midorima and Kuroko, with Momoi predictably betting on Kuroko. Aomine hesitates but says that it could be either of them.