Is Marimekko Swedish?

Marimekko Oyj is a Finnish textiles, clothing, and home furnishings company founded by Viljo and Armi Ratia in Helsinki in 1951. It is particularly noted for its brightly colored printed fabrics and simple styles, used both in women’s garments and in home furnishings.

What is Marimekko design?

Marimekko is a Finnish design house founded in 1951. For seventy years, the unmistakable Marimekko prints have been worn as bold badges of positivity and personal empowerment. Our lifelong mission is to bring color and joy into lives and homes everywhere and encourage people to be happy as they are.

Where is Marimekko made?

Marimekko’s design and product development are done in Finland and the majority of Marimekko products is manufactured in the European Union, but high-quality workmanship and manufacturing know-how exist also in different parts of the world.

Who was the founder of Marimekko?

Armi Ratia
Riitta ImmonenViljo Ratia
Marimekko was founded by Armi and Viljo Ratia in 1951 and has since established a reputation for producing quality textiles for home furnishings and clothing. The Finland-based company actually began in 1949 by acquiring Printex Oy—an oilcloth factory in the suburbs of Helsinki.

Why is it called Marimekko?

The name Marimekko, which translated means “little dress for Mary,” comes from two words: mekko meaning a peasant woman’s simple dress and Mari, the Finnish form of Mary or Maria, which is the eternal name for the eternal woman.

Who owns Marimekko?

Mika Ihamuotila
Mika Ihamuotila becomes the majority owner of Marimekko. As of February 2008, he is also the company’s President and CEO. He makes a determined effort to build Marimekko into a more international company.

Who is the owner of Marimekko?

Why is Marimekko so successful?

Why was Marimekko such a hit? It wasn’t only the celebrity plug which made Marimekko so popular. Women appreciated that the dresses were pretty enough to be worn in town but still functional enough to be worn around the house.