Is Madara Uchiha stronger than Nagato?

Despite the power of the Rinnegan as well as the access to five different bodies, Nagato, aka Pain, would be no match for Madara Uchiha. Between Madara’s own Rinnegan, his Mangekyo Sharingan, and the Susano’o, Madara has powers that Pain never quite reached.

What episode is Madara vs Naruto?

Naruto starts fighting with Madara during episode 392 of Shippuuden. This battle happens during the Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki arc, which spans over the following episodes: 378 to 388.

Who is stronger between Madara and pain?

Madara would win. Pain stands no chance against him. Madara has all the same abilities as Pain does, but since the eyes he uses are his own, he has access to many other abilities.

Can Naruto defeat Madara in baryon mode?

It is more than enough for Naruto to beat full powered Madara because it drains the tailed beast’s lifespan and anyone who touches it. Naruto is much faster and stronger in his Baryon mode. Bijuu Sage mode is already enough to defeat Ten Tails Madara.

Is hashirama stronger than Nagato?

Hashirama would DESTROY Nagato. Hashirama is the God of Shinobi, and he can beat the Nine Tails into acting like a baby. He made his OWN secret sage mode, and his power is something most naruto characters would fall agaisn’t. Nagato would be a problem for Hashirama, but in the end, Hashirama would win.

What episode is Naruto vs Tobi?

“The Mystery of Tobi” (トビの謎, Tobi no Nazo) is episode 139 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Who is stronger Minato or Nagato?

Nothing Nagato has is fast enough to stop Minato from taking out the paths. Minato can separate them by thousands of miles and pick them off one by one. That’s not counting he can use sealing techniques to literally neutralize the paths. Nagato is a terrible opponent for the fourth Hokage.

Can Madara beat Isshiki?

2 Stronger: Isshiki Otsutsuki The true extent of his powers has still not been revealed to the fans, however, even in his weaker form, he managed to defeat both of Konoha’s strongest without so much as receiving a wound. Madara, although strong, is no match for Isshiki Otsutsuki.