Is John West tuna actually tuna?

John West Foods is a United Kingdom-based seafood marketing company established in 1857, and currently owned by Thai Union Group of Thailand. The company produces canned salmon and tuna, as well as mackerel, sardine, herring, brisling, anchovies and shellfish….John West Foods.

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What is the best canned tuna in Australia?

Greenpeace-Australia has updated its list ranking canned-tuna brands in Australia according to whether the fish is harvested in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. This time around, Fish 4 Ever came out on top, followed by Safcol.

Is John West tuna high in mercury?

John West Tuna & beans is very similar nutritionally to Sirena’s tuna & beans. Canned tuna usually has lower mercury levels than other tuna because tuna used for canning are smaller species that are caught when less than one year old. If you like the flavour, tinned sardines trump tinned tuna in terms of nutrition.

What is in John West tuna?

Purse seine caught skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) (65%), olive oil (12%), water, sunflower oil, salt.

Why is John West Tuna bad?

“10% of John West’s tuna catch is made up of other marine life. These sea creatures are killed because the company continues to use outdated and destructive fishing methods.” 250 million cans are sold in Australia every year and decisions taken by the big brands have a major impact on our oceans.

Is John West a good brand?

John West Wins MSC’s 2020 UK Canned Brand of the Year Award for a Fourth Year Running. Liverpool, 1 October 2020 – John West has been named the winner of the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) 2020 UK Canned Brand of the Year Award for the fourth year running.

Is Sirena tuna good?

Australia quickly embraced Sirena’s rich blend of succulent tuna chunks infused with ingredients. And soon the iconic yellow tin made its way into delis and markets across the country as demand for Sirena steadily grew.

Can I eat John West tuna everyday?

Is it healthy? Yes. Tinned tuna is high in protein and contains more omega-3 fatty acids by weight than any fresh fish, though not as many as tinned sardines. Mercury levels concern some people but Food Standards Australia says the average person could eat a small tin every day with no concerns.

Is John West Tuna BPA free?

Three of the products – Edgell canned corn, John West tuna and Heinz banana baby custard – contained BPA levels between 300 and 420 parts per billion. Simplot, maker of Edgell and John West, is also testing cans with BPA-free linings.

How is John West tuna caught?

They try to ensure that their own-brand tuna is caught using the truly dolphin-friendly traditional pole-and-line method. In this way, fishermen catch tuna one by one with a pole, line and hook – no huge and indiscriminate nets – and thus they ensure that no other marine life is harmed in the process.

Where is John West tuna made?

MSC certification is a truly independent verification system, ensuring that tuna is harvested responsibly.” John West Australia accounts for over 40% of the supply of canned tuna in Australia, most of which is sourced from the West Central Pacific Ocean.