Is ichika a girl?

Ichika is a girl with very short hair that has a single long strand on the right side.

Does Chifuyu loves ichika?

Although Chifuyu’s tough most of the time towards her brother due to her personality and professionalism,(especially in school) she deeply loves and cares for Ichika as she sees him as her only family.

Does ichika beat Cecilia?

Praising his sister, Ichika decides that it’s time to stop being the one who gets protected and that from now one, he’ll be the one protecting his family. As he easily dodges and cuts down Cecilia’s bombs and is on the verge of striking her, the match announcer declares Cecilia the winner, much to everybody’s surprise.

Does ichika end up with houki?

Due to this, Houki’s family was put in the protection program if the machines were used for wrong and evil purposes and thus Houki and Ichika have been separated. Six years later, Ichika and Houki are reunited when Ichika is enrolled at the IS academy being the first and only male to be able to use an IS.

Why did ichika dress up as Miku?

Ichika being an actress is revealed to the school, and she tried to disguise to avoid attention. She even need to disguise to escape her classmates. While in disguise as Miku, Ichika tells Fuutarou that she likes him.

IS Madoka ichika’s sister?

Madoka Orimura, generally known by her alias M, is one of the primary antagonists of the light novel and anime series Infinite Stratos. She is a member of Phantom Task, the younger sister of Chifuyu Orimura and the twin sister of Ichika Orimura.

What does Ichika say about the choice?

Explanation: Angry and emotional Ichika said this, and we think that it’s just beautiful. THIS IS THE CHOICE THAT I PICKED! Just awesome. We love the motivated queen no matter how angry she is. ” I wanted things to continue like this forever.

What happens when Ichika and Houki Kiss?

Unfortunately, Ichika’s kiss is comically obstructed by Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, and Laura, causing him to run away while carrying her in his arms with a comical worried face saying “he is going to die”. Ichika and Houki almost kissing during a photo shoot (if they were alone and that’s what happens in Houki’s mind).

Who are Ichika’s closest friends at the Academy?

The closest friends Ichika has made at the Academy would be with all the personal IS pilots of his year as well as Tatenashi.

Does Ichika have a sister complex towards Chifuyu?

They are even worried that Ichika might have a sister complex towards Chifuyu and likiewise. Despite rarely showing it, Chifuyu greatly enjoy that Ichika treat her much better than other girls (including those who loves him) much to their annoyance and jealousy.