Is Haines Hunter Australian?

Australian built As an Australian-owned and operated company, Haines Hunter boats are the result of extensive research and development based on an intimate understanding of Australian water and weather conditions.

Where are Haines Hunter boats made?

About Haines Signature Boats Haines Signature Boats is one of Australia’s leading boat builders and manufacturers. Australian made and owned, our range of trailerable fibreglass boats are designed and crafted by hand to the highest quality, locally in our factory, west of Brisbane, Queensland.

What happened to tournament pleasure boats?

Confirmed by our sleuths last week, established Queensland marine business the Haines Group has acquired the intellectual property and moulds for Tournament Pleasure Boats. The Haines Group also distributes Suzuki outboards in Australia and manufactures Seachange caravans.

Where are Revival boats made?

Revival Boats create value-focused family fishing, lifestyle and off-shore-oriented craft that are meticulously hand-crafted in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Vic. Launched in the wake of the GFC, Revival Boats is the creation of founder, Sam Catanese, former captain of iconic Aussie boat brand, Stejcraft.

Are revival boats any good?

All of the configurations in the Revival range look great. They have beautiful, yet simple mouldings with an exceptionally high degree of gelcoat finish. Structurally, the Revival is laid up using 24oz woven rovings giving a strong, reinforced base to the 600kg hull.

Where are Stejcraft boats made?

Stejcraft is a family owned company born in 1971. Each boat is built in Australia with an unmatched level of customisation.

Are Stejcraft boats any good?

The Stejcraft SS64 is definitely a good looking boat, too; it has eye-catching external graphics and a flash, luxurious looking interior, complete with a sports car-like blacked-out dash and helm position, along with lots of comfortable seating and storage areas.

How good are Stejcraft boats?

What is a Haines Hunter 445f console?

If there are fish on the chew, there’s usually a Haines Hunter 445F prowling nearby. These classic consoles might look like a bathtub, but their reputation as a giant killer is legendary. They’re as stable as an old gum tree, ride the waves like a Malibu surfboard, turn on a dime and are notorious fish catchers – or maybe that’s just their owners.

What is a 445 Haines Hunter boat trailer?

A new trailer originally set up for an aluminium hull was adapted for a fibreglass boat, and features a drive on system and an uprated 1500kg load rating. The Haines Hunter 445 was a popular boat in its time. About 3000 of the 146/445 series hulls in C (cabin), R (runabout) and F (Console) versions left the family factories in the 1970s to ’80s.

What does a Haines Hunter 445 Hull wrap look like?

The Haines Hunter 445’s hull has two red and white LED strip lights under the gunnel, as well as LED spreaders mounted front and back to help with navigating in the dark or fishing at night. A hull wrap modernises the tired, blue faded colour of the mid-1990s hull. This also saved on respray costs.

Is the Haines Hunter v17l the most popular boat?

The Haines Hunter V17L runs close to being the most popular package in the Haines Hunter boats range. Its sleek lines and low lined cabin stole the hearts of the Australian boating market from its introduction in the early to mid ’70s.