Is Drexel mph accredited?

The Dornsife School of Public Health is the first accredited school of public health in Philadelphia by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). By attending an accredited school or program of public health, students benefit from the broad range of educational and experiential opportunities.

Can you do an MPH online?

For those already trained as medical professionals – such as doctors and nurses – an MPH online degree can provide a valuable additional credential. An online public health master’s program offers flexibility for students who are also working professionals.

How long is Drexel mph program?

12 Months
Choose Your Plan of Study

Duration: 12 Months 33 Months
Application deadline: April 1 August 23
Location: On-campus or online Online
Eligible for research assistantship: No Yes
Eligible for internship: No Yes

Is Drexel online university accredited?

Upon successful completion of the program, online students receive the same degree as their peers who take courses on campus. Drexel University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as well as professional accreditation in many fields (i.e., AACSB, CCNE, ALA).

How many credits is Drexel mph?

Masters of Public Health Degree Program Requirements The full-time program is structured on a quarter basis, with 56 total credit hours required for completion of the degree.

What is MPH in epidemiology?

The MPH in Epidemiology is a professional degree that prepares students to serve as epidemiologists in mid-level positions in public health research or practice settings. The MPH in epidemiology is highly analytical and methods-based.

Which mph concentration is best?

Here are five popular concentrations where MPH graduates are especially needed.

  1. Biostatistics.
  2. Epidemiology.
  3. Health Education.
  4. Health Services Administration.
  5. Environmental Health.

Is Drexel an accredited University?

Drexel University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. In addition, each school can offer programs that hold additional, program-specific accreditation.

Is mph a STEM course?

You have to select your major within Master of Public Health (MPH). Majors such as Epidemiology and Bio Statistics definitely comes under STEM education and are eligible for STEM OPT extension provided that your MPH degree is of at least two years duration (M.P.H. with a major in epidemiology / Bio-statistics).

What can you do with masters in epidemiology?

We have compiled a list of 100 things that you can do if you become an Epidemiologist:

  • Biostatistician. Manages performance and decision making.
  • Research Data Analyst.
  • Research Assistant in Health Economics.
  • Pharmacoepidemiology.
  • Director of Epidemiology.
  • Communicable Disease Nurse.
  • Research Coordinator.
  • Senior Analyst.

Why get a Master of Public Health at Drexel University?

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health – Philadelphia’s top school of public health – prepares students to make an impact by addressing tough public health challenges in the United States and around the world.

Who is the mph Epidemiology Online program for?

The MPH Epidemiology online program is intended for those interested in working with qualitative public health approaches, specifically epidemiology.

What is the MPH program at Dornsife?

Dornsife’s MPH program prepares students to make an impact and tackle tough public health challenges in the United States and around the world. You will learn what it takes to address real-world problems and learn how to work on an interdisciplinary team. You will develop the skills required for a public health career in the 21st century.

Does Drexel offer online courses during covid-19?

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, most of Drexel’s services are still available online. Drexel University is stepping up to bring its decades of research, leadership, and creative solutions into the conversation. Find out how to take the GMAT exam virtually.