Is DeKalb Pike the same as 202?

There, the West Chester Bypass ends and US 202 returns to being a four-lane divided highway with traffic lights, now known as DeKalb Pike. In Bridgeport, US 202 turns off onto DeKalb Street, a two-lane undivided road.

Does the 202 connect to the 303?

State routes 51, Loop 101, Loop 202 and the recently opened Loop 303 connect greater Phoenix communities and tie them to the interstate system.

How many miles is the Loop 202?

78 mi
Arizona 202/Length

Where does Route 202 start and end in Pennsylvania?

U.S. Route 202 (US 202) runs through the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, passing through the western and northern suburbs of Philadelphia. It follows a general southwest-northeast direction through the state, serving West Chester, King of Prussia, Bridgeport, Norristown, Montgomeryville, Doylestown, and New Hope.

Where does US 202 cross the Delaware River in Pennsylvania?

The route continues northeast as an at-grade road to New Hope, where it turns into a freeway again before it crosses the Delaware River on the New Hope–Lambertville Toll Bridge into New Jersey . US 202 enters Pennsylvania from Delaware in Bethel Township, Delaware County, heading north on four-lane divided Wilmington-West Chester Pike.

When did the original US 202 bridge open in Pennsylvania?

The new Schuylkill River bridge and roadway for southbound US 202 from Norristown to the original US 202 alignment opened as well in 1976. Good and bad news in 1977 with the good news being the designation was removed from Doylestown and placed on the bypass.

What is the history of the US 202 in West Chester?

The designation followed the current US 202 alignment from Delaware to Business US 322 to enter West Chester on High Street. In downtown West Chester it changed course to follow Gay Street and then Paoli Pike to the village of the same name where it was multiplexed with US 30 to the current PA 252 to New Centerville.