Is BS Hons equivalent to masters in Pakistan?

Answer: Yes, as per approved policy, any 4-year Bachelor (Hons) degree (minimum 124-136 credit hours with 08 regular semesters excluding summer semesters) awarded by HEC chartered Universities/DAI after 12-year schooling is generally recognized by HEC as equivalent to MA/MSc degree in their own field of specialization …

Is Ma education is equal to B Ed and M Ed?

The degree of M.A ( Education ) is equivalent to M. Ed and also higher degree in comparison with B. Ed. Further, the syllabus of M.A ( Education ) covers more than the requirements of M.

Is Ade equal to BA?

PESHAWAR: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) in a notification has announced that they will replace the two-year BA/BSc programme with Associate Degree programme (AD) and has changed the nomenclature for the degree.

Is BS equal to MSC?

HEC The Higher Education Commission (HEC) clarifies that the 4-year Bachelor degree is equivalent to old Master degree in their respective disciplines, and all such Bachelor degree holders are eligible to compete and apply for employment or higher studies wherever the requirement is that of old Master degree.

Can I do PhD after BS in Pakistan?

Announcing the new policies for PhD admissions and undergraduate education, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has said that a student can now directly apply for PhD after completing his Bachelor’s degrees. This means that a BS degree, or equivalent, will be the minimum criteria for PhD admission.

What is the benefit of MA in education?

M.A. in Education hones the skills in students that are needed in discussions and analyses of theories related to education for their application to real-world experiences while also providing competency in educational leadership.

What is the scope of MA in education?

The various types of job opportunities available for a graduate in MA Education are High School Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Program Manager, Administrative Assistant, Student Services Coordinator, Director of Education Operations, Educator, and Education Training Manager.

Is BSC equal to masters?

What is ads in BSC?

BSC as Associate Degree of (ADS) Above mentioned programs have been specifically planned for those students who tend to achieve two years’ bachelor degree in the best possible short time to step into professional life.

Is MBA 3.5 years equivalent to MS?

Yes, 3.5 years MBA is equivalent to MS degree and you can for PhD degree in Management Sciences after completion.

Can I do PhD after MBA?

✅ Can i do phd after MBA? Ans: Yes, one can do a PhD after MBA. There are Various Business Schools all over the world that offer PhD programs that can be pursued after an MBA. For the MBA itself, many schools require some years of work experience.