Is a Trane heat pump good?

We’ve identified the Trane XR15 as our best value heat pump because of its high efficiency ratings and more affordable price point. With high-efficiency SEER rating of 16 and a high-efficiency HSPF of 9.50, you can expect to see noticeable energy savings when you replace an older, less efficient unit.

What is a package unit heat pump?

Posted on 7/15/2021. A package heat pump is a heating and air conditioning system in which all the essential components are housed inside a single cabinet or “package”. These cabinets are often rectangular in shape. Usually larger than an outside split system condenser, a package unit is always installed outside.

How many square feet will a 3.5 ton heat pump cool?

Heat Pump by the Ton

Heat Pump Size Square footage for Hot Climate (Zone 1&2) Square footage for Warm Climate (Zone 3)
2 ton 800-1,000 sq ft 1,000-1,200 sq ft
2.5 ton 1,000-1,300 sq ft 1,200-1,500 sq ft
3 ton 1,300-1,600 sq ft 1,500-1,800 sq ft
3.5 ton 1,600-1,800 sq ft 1,800-2,000 sq ft

How much do Trane heat pumps cost?

The heat pump comes in different unit sizes ranging from 1.5 ton to 5 ton and uses an environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. Trane heat pumps can cost anywhere between $4,600 to $10,000 according to the model and unit size you choose.

What ton is my heat pump?

So the number of tons a heat pump has is the total BTU capacity of the system as a whole. In most single family homes, the typical size for both air conditioners and heat pumps is between 2 to 5 tons, with a 2 ton heat pump being for a house with less square footage and 5 ton heat pumps being suitable for larger homes or for ones in colder climates.

What is a HVAC package unit?

A package unit is an HVAC system that has one primary unit holding all of the heating and cooling components inside, different from a split system where there’s typically both an indoor and outdoor unit. Do you live in a city where price per square footage is costly?

What is a package heat pump?

Package unit heat pumps are an ideal heating solution that combines energy efficiency with low emission levels. These all-electric heat pump air conditioning units contain a permanently lubricated condenser fan, condensing coil, and fully insulated blower compartment, all of which are engineered to provide years of quiet, problem-free operation.