Is a 28mm lens good for portraits?

Portraiture. Portraiture with a 28mm lens of some has often not been considered very flattering. But if you learn how to shoot portraits with wide angle lenses, you’ll see that modern lenses are actually pretty capable. These two sample images from a 28mm lens were shot with the Canon 28mm f2.

What is a 28mm lens for?

It’s a good focal length for maintaining a balanced perspective between close subjects and the background. Almost as versatile as a 35mm lens, the 28mm is often used for architectural photography and group portraiture. Prime lenses are available with maximum apertures as wide as f/1.8.

What is 28mm lens best for?

28 mm lenses are better for landscape and architecture photography because it can take in more of the scene due to the wider field of view. The short focal length also gives the 28mm a more unique look thanks to it’s wider angle of view and lens distortion.

What are 28mm lenses good for?

Which lens is best for street photography?

  1. Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM. Best wide Canon street lens.
  2. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. Best all-round Canon street zoom lens.
  3. Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM. Best Canon street lens for dreamy bokeh.
  4. Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM. Best Canon RF all-rounder zoom street lens.
  5. Canon RF 35mm F1. 8 Macro IS STM.
  6. Canon RF 50mm F1. 8 STM.

Can you shoot street photography with a 28mm lens?

If you shoot at 28mm from the side, the photos lack intimacy and a dynamic energy. If you are shooting candid street photography (without permission) with a 28mm lens, you essentially need to almost bump into people (head on) if you want to make dynamic images.

Is 28mm wide enough for photography?

28mm is wide enough to the point where if you’re standing close and you have a subject in one of the edges of your frame, often times they’ll mistake you for photographing something directly in front of you rather than them.

What is the best distance to shoot street photography?

For typical ‘candid’ street photography, I recommend shooting at least one arm’s length away from your subject in order to produce dynamic, edgy, and interesting street photograph (at 28mm). That is usually 0.7 meters, which also happens to be the minimum-focusing distance of the Leica and many rangefinders.

Is street photography art or commercial photography?

With street photography that might be even doubly so because rarely is street photography done to please a commercial client; it’s usually done as an artistic craft, a labor of love.