How to fix ora 00604?

Find the trigger that is causing the problem and disable it or drop it to resolve the issue. Usually, this error occurs in the Oracle database by the system level triggers on DDL or SYSTEM events. Another example of error ORA-00604 is when the user attempts to run a newly-created table using SELECT* from cdc.

Has errors ORA 06508 PL SQL could not find program unit being called?

The ORA-06508 is an error deriving from a program unit being called and not being found. What this means is that the user tried to call a procedure that was not available due to the procedure being dropped or modified in an incompatible manner.

How do you resolve ORA 00054?

To avoid seeing Error ORA-00054? in the future, practice the following tips: Execute DDL during off-peak hours when the database is idle, such as late at night. Execute DDL during a maintenance window when all the end-users are locked out. Identify and kill the session that is preventing the exclusive lock.

How do I recompile a package?

To recompile the body of the emp_mgmt package in the schema hr , issue the following statement: ALTER PACKAGE hr. emp_mgmt COMPILE BODY; If Oracle Database encounters no compilation errors while recompiling the package body, then the body becomes valid.

What is hierarchy query in Oracle?

Oracle processes hierarchical queries as follows: A join, if present, is evaluated first, whether the join is specified in the FROM clause or with WHERE clause predicates. The CONNECT BY condition is evaluated. Any remaining WHERE clause predicates are evaluated.

Does with Clause improve performance?

Oracle call’s the WITH clause “sub-query factoring”. Its main use is to improve the performance of queries which use the same sub-query more than once. We can also use it to make our code easier to understand but over-simplification can cause poor performance.