How to dupe item Disgaea 4?

Duping is done by getting a high level item you want, fill it with innocents you want to copy or increase in value, putting that item on one or more of your allies (if you have more than one item to dupe) and then turning your ally into an enemy.

How to get the Puppy Paw Stick Disgaea 4?

Disgaea 4: How to Get the Puppy Paw Stick — The Level Sphere Path. The less involved, but still lengthy, way to get a Puppy Paw Stick is by collecting Level Spheres. If you’ve collected at least 150 level spheres, you can trade with the Sphere Collector in the Item World for a Puppy Paw Stick.

How do you duplicate items in Disgaea 5?

To do this, fill out all Election Committee spots up to 6 members. Give each member the desired item to duplicate. Go to the 10th floor of any item and Gency out. Save afterward.

How do you find the statisticians in Disgaea 4?

You can find Statisticians easily on floors 40 and 60 of RPing, never saw one on 20 though. And while the Item Rank doesn’t apply in the chance of finding them, the higher ranked the item, the bigger their value will be, just fyi.

How do you farm innocents in Disgaea 5?

One of the harder to explain things in Disgaea 5 is the innocent farm. This is unlocked by first unlocking the innocent farm group and then is accessible by assigning someone to the group. The farm itself is pretty straight forward. You put innocents in, go do battles and over time they will grow more powerful.

Do Statisticians stack?

They are capped at 300 each and it is NOT possible to create multiple stacks of Statisticians for fast leveling (for example, 32 stacks of 300 Statisticians would still yield 300% EXP) In Disgaea 2, 3, 4 this works and makes it possible to reach Level 9999 in a single fight. …

Do Statisticians stack Disgaea?

All Innocents stack, yes. If you have a total of 900 statisticians on one unit, you’ve hit the cap. 900 is also the cap for a single stack of Statisticians though, so you might as well combine them into a single stack rather than having multiple stacks on one unit.

How do you breed a statistician?

2 Answers

  1. place 2 statisticians in the farm.
  2. once a 3rd appears, remove 1 red and make sure the yellow subdued one is on that farm with another statistician, red or yellow.
  3. once it breeds a 2nd yellow, subdued statistician make sure you only have 2 yellow subdued ones on the farm.

Do Statisticians stack Disgaea 1?

What is statistician Disgaea?

The Statistician is an innocent found in every Disgaea game except for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories as they were replaced by Felonies. To create multiple stacks in later games, use the Puppy Paw Stick to duplicate an Item with a Statistician and fuse them until there is a 300 one before making multiple stacks.

How do you get Armsmaster in Disgaea 1?

For optimal Weapon Mastery, obtain a 1900 Armsmaster via Innocent subduing and combining. Find a map or Item World stage that has Attacks+1 and Invincible/Reverse Damage. Have the character with the Armsmaster continuously attack a character on the Invincible/Reverse Damage panel.