How to draw faces for beginners?

Step 1: Draw a Circle. Draw a circle and then make a line through the center vertically and horizontally. Try to keep your construction lines as light

  • Step 2: Draw a Line for the Chin.
  • Step 3: Draw the Cheeks and Jawline.
  • Step 4: Draw Facial Construction Lines.
  • Step 5: Draw the Eyes and Eyebrows.
  • How to draw a realistic face step by step?

    Outline the Face. Begin your drawing by deciding how much of your paper you’d like the face to take up.

  • Add the Ears and Hairline. Draw the upper portion of a circle inside the original curve at the top of your page.
  • Mark Guidelines and Start Drawing the Eyes. Across the middle horizontal line,draw five light rectangles.
  • Complete the Nose. Continue shading down from the eye along the center guideline and rough outline you already created for the tip of the nose.
  • Draw in the Lips. As you did with the nose,start to go over your light outline that you previously drew for the lips and teeth.
  • Complete the Skin Shading. Start from the left side of the face and work from the outside to the center.
  • Add Hair to Your Face Drawing. Finally,draw individual curved lines from the center of the top of the head that curve down around the side of the
  • How to draw a cute face?

    In order to draw a girl’s face in a cute way 1) Emphasize roundness. 2) Draw each part below the center of the face. These two things are especially important.

    How to draw male face?

    Drawing the Head. Start your drawing by making a vertical line in the middle of your drawing area.

  • Drawing the Detail of The Head Shape. Refine the shape of the top of the head based on the above example.
  • Dividing the Face Proportions. Divide the face into four parts using horizontal lines.
  • Placing the Eyebrows. Sketch the eyebrows directly below the second line from the top.
  • Placing the Nose. The nose starts near the inner tips of the eyebrows.
  • Placing the Ears. Draw the shape of the outline of the ears inside the middle portion of the three evenly spaced divisions touching the second and third
  • Placing the Eyes. Draw another line directly through the middle of the head and on it draw the outline shape of the eyes (don’t draw the pupils
  • Placing the Mouth. Draw a line between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin.
  • Face Shape Details. Draw a set of lines to indicate the inner parts of the cheekbones.
  • Drawing the Details of the Facial Features. Based on the placement sketches of the various facial features you can now create more detailed drawings.
  • Drawing the Hair. Start drawing the hair by first outlining the hairline. After that outline the top shape of the hair.
  • Drawing the Hair Details. For the final step you will want to add some details to the hair.
  • How to get better at drawing faces?

    – Take a Class in Drawing Faces. The first and foremost tip for drawing faces is to take a class that may teach you how you can draw faces perfectly. – Sketching the Front View of the Nose. Most artists think that drawing a nose is a complicated task. – Sketching the Profile View of the Nose. The process of sketching the profile view of the nose is a bit similar to that of the front view. – Drawing a Realistic Eye. Another important tip for how to draw a face shape is to learn to draw an eye that looks realistic. – Use a Line Drawing Method for Sketching Lips. Sketching lips using a line drawing method is no difficulty at all. You must know exactly the shape of the lips. – Sketching Smiling Lips. So, you are a beginner and want to know how to draw a face for beginners? – Drawing Eyes, Nose, and Lips together Using a Grid Method. Once you have learned how to draw an eye, nose, and lips, it is time to draw them together. – Drawing Ears from the Front. Ears are one of the facial features that are difficult to draw because they have a unique shape. – Draw an Entire Face. Once you have learned how to sketch facial features separately, it is time to draw an entire face. – Create Interest in Your Subject by Controlling Edges. The last important tip for sketching faces better is to create interest in your drawings by controlling the edges.

    How do you draw a simple face?

    How To Draw A Face. How to Draw a Face : Here’s a simple way to place the features accurately when drawing a head. First draw a vertical line down the middle of the face. Then draw a horizontal line halfway between the top of the head and the bottom of the jaw, on which to align the position of the eyes.