How tall is a 10 gallon green giant arborvitae?

5′ tall
We offer Green Giant 5′-6′ tall in a 15 gallon container and a 4′-5′ tall in a 10 gallon container.

How tall is a 3 gallon Thuja Green Giant?

Green Giant Arborvitae Tree ( Thuja ) – Live Plant – 3 Gallon Pot

Plant or Animal Product Type Tree
Expected Planting Period Year Round
USDA Hardiness Zone 6
Expected Plant Height 60 Feet
Moisture Needs Regular Watering

How far does a Thuja Green Giant have to be from the fence?

If your screen or hedge is against a building, plant 6 feet from the wall, to protect the foundations. If you are planting against a fence, plant 3 feet from the fence so that the lower part of the plants remains bushy and the hedge remains on your side of the property line.

How tall is a 15 gallon green giant arborvitae?

Thuja plicata ‘Green Giant’ 15gal container. This fast growing narrow pyramidal evergreen reaches a mature height of 20-40′ with a 10-15′ spread. Easy to grow, it adapts to a variety of soil, is drought tolerant, disease, deer and insect resistant.

How tall is a 5 gallon Thuja Green Giant?

Additional information

Size #5
Mature Height 45 to 60 Feet
Light Full Sun
Planting Zone 5 to 7
Shipping Size 4 Feet Tall, 10 Inches Wide

How tall is a 2.25 gallon Green Giant arborvitae?

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Brand Shrub
Sunlight Exposure Full Sun
Expected Planting Period Year Round
USDA Hardiness Zone 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Expected Plant Height 30 Feet

How tall is a 7 gallon Green Giant arborvitae?

Mature Height (in.) 720 in. Mature Width (in.) 216 in.

How far apart should Thuja Green Giant be planted?

5 feet apart
The Thuja ‘Green Giant’ is a hybrid cross between Thuja plicata and Thuja Standishii Arborvitae. If you want this plant for privacy we recommend spacing the trees 5 feet apart this will insure they grow together while maintaing a healthy habitat for the trees.

How much does a 10 foot Thuja Green Giant cost?

Green Giant Arborvitae Video (10 Feet High)

Height Price (Pick Up At Pryor’s) Price Installed *
5.5′-6′ $175.00 $255.00
10′ $270.00 $425.00
12′ -13′ $825 .00 $1,350 .00
15′-16′ $1,050.00 $1,850.00

How big do Thuja Green Giants get?

The green giant arborvitae grows to a height of 50–60′ and a spread of 12–20′ at maturity.

How should you plant Thuja Green Giants?

Sun and shade. Thuja Green Giants are highly adaptable and can grow well in the spectrum from full sun to partial shade.

  • Soil. Thuja Green Giants are not picky when it comes to soil.
  • Watering. Moist soil is ideal for Thuja Green Giants,but people must be careful to not let the water get soggy.
  • Lifespan.
  • What is the life span of a Thuja Green Giant?

    The hybrid was created less than 50 years ago, so nobody knows the average or maximum lifespan for “Green Giant.”. The fact that its western red cedar parent thrives for over 1,000 years in USDA zones 4 though 8 certainly gives a reasonable hope for longevity, but this remains as yet unproven.

    Do Thuja Green Giant attract pests or diseases?

    Thuja ‘Green Giant’ is susceptible to very few pest or disease problems. Most gardeners will never have any issues with their ‘Green Giants’. But if you do encounter pests and diseases of Thuja Green Giant, here is how to solve them in our list of Thuja Green Giant Tree Problems.

    How tall does a green giant arborvitae get?

    Green Giant arborvitae is a big, fast-growing evergreen that will probably top out at around 60 feet tall but with a basal spread of around 15 to 20 feet.