How often does the ECB governing council meet?

every two weeks
The Governing Council, the main decision-making body of the ECB, usually meets every two weeks. Every six weeks, it takes its monetary policy decision, i.e. setting the key interest rates for the euro area.

Does the ECB governing council have regular meetings like the Fed?

Meetings and decisions The Governing Council usually meets twice a month at the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition, the ECB publishes regular accounts of the Governing Council’s monetary policy meetings before the date of the next one.

What time is the ECB announcement?

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Monetary policy meeting and announcement Non-monetary policy meeting
10 November
16 December 1 December

How are decisions made in the ECB?

How are decisions taken? The Supervisory Board, as an internal body of the ECB, prepares the draft decisions, which are adopted by the Governing Council under the non-objection procedure. If the Governing Council does not object within a defined period of time, the decision is deemed adopted.

Who is on the governing council of the ECB?

Governing Council

Name Terms of office
Executive Board Christine Lagarde 1 November 2019
Luis de Guindos 1 June 2018
Fabio Panetta 1 January 2020
Philip R. Lane 1 June 2019

How many times a year does the governing council meet?

The Governing Council generally meets twice a month but assesses its monetary policy stance at the first meeting of the month. The key conventional monetary policy tool at their disposal is the level of official interest rates.

What is ECB day?

The ECB wants to keep all options open.

What does the ECB stand for?

The European Central Bank
The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank responsible for monetary policy of those European Union (EU) member countries which have adopted the euro currency.

What is the ECB interest rate 2021?

As regards new deposit agreements, the interest rate on deposits from corporations with an agreed maturity of up to one year stayed constant at -0.36% in September 2021.

How can I get ECB in India?

The ECBs can be obtained through automatic route or approval route or by combination of both the routes. Monitored by RBI, ECB is a facility made available to Indian eligible entities to be able to seek huge investment from outside India and allow for foreign capital flow in India.

Who are the members of ECB?


  • Christine Lagarde. President of the ECB.
  • Luis de Guindos. © Vice-President of the ECB.
  • Frank Elderson. Member of the Executive Board of the ECB.
  • Philip R. Lane.
  • Fabio Panetta. Member of the Executive Board of the ECB.
  • Isabel Schnabel. Member of the Executive Board of the ECB.

When is the next ECB monetary policy meeting?

ECB Meeting Schedule 2021 Month Date Financial Event January 21 ECB monetary policy meeting March 11 ECB monetary policy meeting April 22 ECB monetary policy meeting June 10 ECB monetary policy meeting

How often does the ECB meet and make decisions?

Meetings and decisions. The Governing Council usually meets twice a month at the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Governing Council assesses economic and monetary developments and takes its monetary policy decisions every six weeks. At the other meetings, the Council discusses mainly issues related to other tasks…

What is the ECB’s Governing Council?

The ECB’s Governing Council is responsible for setting monetary policy, with the aim of achieving an inflation rate of just under 2% across the euro area. Governing Council meetings are important dates in traders’ calendars as they set the official interest rates for the eurozone.

How often does the European Central Bank meet?

ECB meeting schedule The Governing Council assembles twice a month in Frankfurt, Germany. It has two types of meetings: a monetary policy meeting, held every six weeks, and a non-monetary policy meeting in which it discusses the other responsibilities of the ECB. The meeting dates for 2021 are as follows.