How much weight can a lowboy carry?

40,000 pounds
Lowboy’s maximum weight is 40,000 pounds for a 2-axle trailer. Additional weight of up to 80,000 pounds (weight of trailer and load together) can be added depending on the number of axles used.

What is the longest lowboy trailer?

24 ft. to 29.6
Here are the maximum dimensions for a lowboy trailer: Maximum well length: 24 ft. to 29.6 ft. Maximum well height: 18 in. to 24 in. Maximum legal width: 8.5 ft. Maximum legal freight height: 11.5 ft. to 12 ft.

How many tons is a lowboy?

Lowboy trailers are categorized by tonnage. The two most common tonnage options are the 50,000-pound (25-ton) trailer and the 70,000-pound (35-ton) trailer.

How much does a 50 ton lowboy weight?

Our standard 50 ton hydraulic detachable lowboy. Load Capacity: 100,000 lbs. GVWR: 120,500 lbs.

How much weight can a lowboy trailer haul?

A two-axle lowboy trailer can support a maximum weight of 40,000 pounds. However, the weight capacity can be increased up to 80,000 pounds by adding additional axles. The length of a lowboy well ranges from 24′ to 29.6′. A 25′ well is perfect for hauling most equipment, such as bulldozers.

What is RGN?

Professions) Registered General Nurse. ———- Rgn.

How tall can load be for RGN?

RGN. The double drop with detachable deck also known as RGN accommodates freight with the maximum legal weight of 44,000 lbs. Maximum Legal Acceptable Weights (Pounds): 44,000 lbs. Maximum Legal Acceptable Dimensions (Feet – Inches): Length: 29 feet, Width: 8.5 feet, (102”), Height: 12 feet (144”)1.

How much does a 35 ton lowboy trailer weigh?


Model VDD46R16F35T
Dimensions 46′ long x 102″ wide 41″ rear deck height 28′-6″ flat load deck area
Approximate Weight 15600 lbs. +/- 3%
GVWR 86000 lb.

How much can a 35 ton lowboy haul?

Lowboy trailers can also be categorized by their ton carrying capacity. The 25-ton lowboy can carry up to 50,000 pounds while the 35-ton lowboy has a carrying capacity of 70,000 pounds.

How much can a 3 axle lowboy haul?

Flatbed trailers can haul a maximum weight of 48,000 pounds. However, tri-axle trailers can haul up to 65,000 pounds, making them ideal for heavy cargo.

How much does a 55 ton RGN weigh?

It used to be that a lowboy would have 20 to 22 feet of deck length; now it’s 26 feet and up to 28 feet. As a consequence, they get heavier. But they are lighter. Now a 55-ton detachable gooseneck trailer weighs 21,000 pounds, depending on options and accessories.

What is the difference between a lowboy and an RGN?

Here are the main differences between a lowboy and an RGN trailer: Gooseneck. Notable characteristics of an RGN are that it can be detached from the front unlike with a lowboy trailer. This is unlike for a lowboy trailer that load the cargo from rear.

How big is a 55 60 ton lowboy trailer?

60 Ton, 3+1 Lowboy trailer 108″ X 24′ Cantilever Deck, Air Ride Suspension w/3rd axle lift, 62″ axle spread, 48″ Manual Slingshot Booster 102″ Wide. Aspen 55/60 ton lowboy trailer for sale at Midco Sales.

Does Midco have lowboy trailers for sale?

Midco Sales commonly has 35 ton to 65 ton lowboy trailers for sale. In addition to new lowboys, Midco Sales also has used lowboy trailers for sale. View the current inventory of new and used lowboys below, or scroll down to learn more about lowboy trailers.

What is a flip axle on a lowboy trailer?

A lowboy flip axle is used when the trailer’s load exceeds the gross weight that is allowed on each axle. It is fixed to the rear frame of the trailer. When the flip axle is not needed it can flip up onto the lowboy trailer or be removed completely.

What are the dimensions of the GX390 lowboy?

See More Details 65 Ton Tri Axle Lowboy with 2 Axle Booster 21 Foot x 102 inch Deck Air Ride Suspension, 9 Foot Hyd Detach Neck, Flip up Neck Extension Self Contained Power Unit – Honda GX390 Plumbed for Booste… See More Details