How much money does Marty Schwartz make?

Marty Schwartz Net Worth : $ 17 Million

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.05

Who is Marty Schwartz guitar?

Marty Schwartz from Marty Music makes a living teaching people how to play popular songs on guitar through YouTube videos. Halfway though his studies at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, Schwartz realized he wanted to be a music major.

Is Marty a good guitarist?

Marty Schwartz is a really good guitarist but I think he suffers in comparison to other YouTube guitar tutors. His playing can be a little stiff at times and his lessons aren’t always totally accurate.

Did Marty Schwartz move to Nashville?

“I picture it like how I moved to Nashville to become a songwriter and an artist. But after I came here, I found my real passion was in working with other people’s music and producing and helping it reach as many people as possible.”

Does Marty Schwartz play in a band?

He currently plays in Wise Monkey Orchestra who was recently voted best funk band in San Diego by Slamm magazine. With Wise Monkey, Marty has toured the country extensively and has performed with such diverse acts as Maceo Parker, Karl Denson, Moe, Leftover Salmon, Disco Biscuits, Soulive, Fishbone, and Blues Traveler.

Is Marty music good?

Marty is great for learning songs and cool little tricks to spice up a bit your songs. But less structured than Justin, and his DVD sale offers (I get them by mail) are quite annoying. Reminds me of home shoping TV shows.

Is Marty music accurate?

His focus is 90’s alternative but has many lessons of the same songs Marty does and is quite accurate, down to the special tunings used in some of the songs. Hes very direct and to the point, with a great sense of humor.

Is Marty Schwartz any good?

Marty is a nice enough guy, but his lessons really don’t compare. He’s pretty much quick hitter, putting out lots of stuff that goes like “oh, and by the way, here’s this and that”. There’s very little structure, lots of jumping around and skipping essential parts (“we’ll get to that later” – which may never happen).