How much is magnus robot fighter?

The Origin of Magnus, Robot Fighter article by Russ Manning. 36 pgs., full color. $1.95. Cover price $1.95.

Who owns Magnus Robot?

Magnus, Robot Fighter is an ongoing series published by Valiant Comics beginning in 1991. Magnus was originally a character published by Gold Key Comics, but Valiant acquired the license along with other Gold Key characters Solar and Turok. Magnus, Robot Fighter was the first comic book published by Valiant.

Are Valiant Comics worth anything?

There have been a few recent sales all in the $500-$550 range. Only 5,000 EW #1 Gold Flats were printed nearly 25 years ago (NOTE: 1,000 were destroyed by VALIANT, so make that total number of copies 4,000). It is reasonable to NOT expect many more of these to ever be found, at least not in large quantities.

What happened to Gold Key comics?

Random House had previously acquired Dell Publishing though a series of mergers since 1976, effectively reuniting the remnants Gold Key Comics and Dell Comics. On July 23, 2012, Classic Media was acquired by DreamWorks Animation for $155 million and renamed DreamWorks Classics.

What is the most valuable Valiant comic?


  • NOTE: ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #0 (Gold) has a Gold VALIANT logo box.

Are old image Comics worth anything?

The first issue of Spawn at Image Comics was a big deal for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which were numerous variant covers by series creator Todd McFarlane. One of the most valuable of these variants is the simple black and white edition, which can go for as high as $1,000.

How much are Donald Duck comics worth?

Donald Duck (1952-1980 Dell/Gold Key/Whitman/Gladstone) comic books

Add to cart VG 4.0 $19.00 View scan Add to cart GD/VG 3.0 $10.00 View scan Add to cart GD/VG 3.0 $10.00
Add to cart GD/VG 3.0 $10.00 Add to cart Good $7.20 Add to cart GD 2.0 $7.20

How much is Marvel Comics Worth?

While the company’s exact net worth isn’t readily available it’s safe to say Marvel is worth more than $4 billion today.

What comic book is bloodshot from?

Bloodshot (comics)

Publisher Valiant Comics
First appearance Cameo appearance: Eternal Warrior #4 (November 1992) Full appearance: Rai #0 (November 1992)
Created by Kevin VanHook Don Perlin Bob Layton
In-story information

Are any image Comics worth anything?

Are Valiant comics any good?

Valiant Comics is best known for its diverse and interesting characters. While some a great though, others feel a bit lackluster. Many of Valiant’s characters are pure gold, but that’s not saying they all are. Like anyone else who publishes comics, some characters are pretty bad.

Would you pay $50 for a copy of Magnus Robot Fighter?

You could pay hundreds of dollars for a pristine copy of volume one of Russ Manning’s 1963 Gold Key sci-fi comic, Magnus Robot Fighter. Or you could get this beautiful, color, hardbound Dark Horse edition of the first seven comics, not for the retail $50, but for a much lower Amazon price.

Who is the author of Magnus Robot Fighter?

Cover art by Russ Manning (sketch) and George Wilson (painted). Origin and first appearance of Magnus Robot Fighter in “Magnus, Robot Fighter,” script and art by Russ Manning; 1A takes Magnus to North Am where he begins his crusade against evil robots by stopping the Polrob Chief H8.

Who painted the cover of robotic fighter No 1?

Robot Fighter Pin-Up No. 1on back cover, art by Russ Manning (sketch) and George Wilson (painted). # on cover 10046-302. February. #1 2/63. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.12. Published May 1963 by Gold Key . Centerfold detached at one staple. Painted cover art by George Wilson. “Trees, Number 7: Palms” article.