How much is a Rotax engine?

A Rotax engine costs around $3,000-$37,000 depending on the engine’s performance.

How much does a Rotax 915 engine cost?

Marketed as a complete package to builders, the 915 iS will soon be there for the taking at a price point estimated to be about $35,000. It will give builders the option of a sophisticated, electronically controlled engine with impressive high-altitude capability, at least on paper.

How much oil does a Rotax 912 hold?

My engine runs 100LL exclusively. I’m aware of the lead issue and changing oil. Rotax recommends 50 hours. Some say 25 hours….Quantity of oil in 912ULS Oil Tank.

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How many horsepower does a 503 Rotax have?

50 hp
The Rotax 503 is a 37 kW (50 hp), inline 2-cylinder, two-stroke aircraft engine, built by BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co.

What is the Rotax 912 iS Sport engine?

Based on the proven concept of the 100HP Rotax 912 S/ ULS engine the 912 iS SPORT engine offers all well known advantages of the Rotax 4-stroke engine series complemented by additional features, e.g. engine management system.

What is the difference between 80 hp and 100 hp Rotax?

In comparison to the 80 HP version of the Rotax 912 series the 100 HP product line offers more power while keeping the weight. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class – no surprise that this engine is the best selling 4-stroke engine.

How much does a 912 is cost?

Schlitter said the current price for the 912 iS is $23,918. “This engine is supposed to save fuel and increase range,” he said. “If you look at the actual ‘all things considered’ cost difference ($3,000), investment is returned within 500 to 1000 hours.

Why choose an irotax aircraft engine?

ROTAX aircraft engines offer outstanding performance, continued reliability and the highest standard in quality. An error occurred, please try again later. Loading, please wait… Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price.”