How much is a LSA aircraft?

The typical price of a well-equipped LSA—and few buyers skimp on options—is north of $150,000. For our survey group of a dozen owners, the average price was $117,000, but some of the owners bought used airframes. The high price was $175,000.

What is the biggest plane you can fly without a license?

According to federal regulations, a powered ultralight is an aircraft that weighs less than 254 pounds, carries a maximum 5 gal. of gas, doesn’t fly faster than 63 mph and seats only one person. You can legally fly it without a pilot’s license, without training — without any qualifications at all.

Is a kitfox a light-sport aircraft?

Does the Kitfox qualify for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)? Absolutely! The current Kitfox can be operated at the 1320 lb gross weight when on gear and the 1430 lb gross when on floats. It can also be converted from floats, to skis, to tail wheel or to tricycle gear…

What is the fastest LSA aircraft?

VL3 of the JMB Aircraft is the most efficient aircraft when it comes to speed. It offers a short landing thanks to its 55-degree flaps angle, 315 KM/H speed, and 2400 kilometer range, VL3 is the perfect light-sport aircraft for long-distance flights.

Can I buy a plane without a pilot’s license?

Anyone with sufficient funds may buy an aircraft. There are no laws restricting vehicle ownership, including aircraft.

What airspace can LSA fly in?

Sport Pilots are allowed to fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet above mean sea level, or 2,000 feet above ground level, whichever is higher. Sport Pilots are allowed to operate in Class E and G Airspace. With additional training and a logbook endorsement, they may also operate in Class B, C, and D controlled airspace.

Who makes LSA aircraft?

Manufacturers of new and pre-owned LSA include BRM Aero, Czech Sport Aircraft Flight Design, Jabiru, and Tecnam.

What are the best light sport 48 aircraft for sale?

Light Sport 48 aircraft for sale 1 Preceptor Super Pup. Raptor Aviation, Inc. 2 Pipistrel Virus SW 3 Magnus Fusion 212 4 Bristell BRM AERO S-LSA 5 Jabiru Sport Aircraft J230 6 Dova Aircraft DV1 Skylark 7 CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS 8 Backcountry Mackey SQ2 9 American Legend AL11 10 Tomarkaero Viper SD4

What is a light sport aircraft?

The light sport aircraft category includes smaller planes, gliders, gyroplanes, powered parachutes, weight-shift-control aircraft, airships, and air balloons. They are considered easier to fly and less expensive than other aircraft classifications.

Can I use an E-LSA for commercial flight?

Note that E-LSA can’t be used commercially but can be used for training if the student owns the aircraft. Flying an LSA requires at least a Sport Pilot certificate, which is easier to acquire than other licenses but limits one to flying with one passenger, using non-towered airports, and only day flying per visual flight rules.