How much does it cost to build a dek hockey rink?

The new court features an all-weather plastic surface and costs $750,000 to build. Construction began last fall and was slowed by delays due to the pandemic. Most of the funding was secured by the city, with the Pittsburgh Penguins donating money as well, according to our news partners at TribLive.

How big is a dek hockey rink?

Dek Hockey Rink Dimensions 100x50ft for 3×3 play. 120x60ft for 4×4 play. 155x80ft for 5×5 play. Also, hybrid-sized Dek Hockey rinks such as 105x55ft, 140x60ft.

How much do hockey boards cost?

The price will depend on your overall size. A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend about $70 per linear foot for the regular ProWall® boards (great for dek hockey, ball hockey, and roller hockey) and $95 per linear foot for ProWall-ICE® (used for outdoor ice hockey).

How much would it cost to build a roller rink?

Once you’ve found a prime location, you’ll be facing a number of additional start-up costs, which will set you back approximately $30,000: If the building wasn’t originally designed for a skating rink, you’ll need to design and build the arena.

Do backyard ice rinks ruin grass?

Good news: it doesn’t have to be a choice between the two; having a rink doesn’t guarantee dead grass. In fact, a correctly-built rink means that your grass lives to see another summer!

How thick are NHL boards?

1/2 Thick Solid Polyethylene Plastic panels with 5/8″ thick verticals every 2 feet.

How much does a prowall hockey rink board cost?

Custom color ProWall hockey boards are $85 per linear foot (custom colors not available for ProWall-ICE). You can contact us for a full list of our hockey board pricing and availability or click here. Can I take it down my hockey rink boards at the end of the season?

Can I convert my outdoor court into a hockey rink?

Call us today to custom design a rink enclosure to convert and transform your outdoor court, driveway, basement, or even your patio into a floor hockey or roller hockey arena, a soccer, futsal arena or a Hockey Shooting Lane with Poly-Steel Boards, brackets and accessories.

What size hockey rink board do I Need?

Sport Resource Group offers a diverse range of hockey boards to build the right boundary systems to meet your needs. What’s the best size for my hockey rink setup? We have provided hockey rink boards for setups as small as 10’ x 10’ and as large as 200’ x 100’— and hundreds of sizes in between.

What is a dasher board in hockey?

A fast paced and high-intensity sport, with a considerable amount of player-to-player contact. While the players suffer a good deal of punishment, the dasher boards take on even more abuse. Your rink boards are an important, if not the most critical, component for maintaining game play and ensuring the safety of the players and fans.