How much does an Ergotron weigh?

Ergotron 97-620-060 is an anti-fatigue mat that makes standing comfortable while working. It is a tool to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle….Product Information.

Part Number 33-406-085
Product Weight 56 lbs (25.5 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 42″ x 33.5″ x 8.25″ (107 x 85 x 21 cm)
Shipping Weight 62 lbs (28.2 kg)

How do you raise the Ergotron?

To Increase Tilt Lifting Force: Turn screw clockwise. To Decrease Tilt Lifting Force: Turn screw counterclockwise. not stay in place or movement in one direction is stiff, tension needs adjustment – see below. Adjust until arms stay in place and tension, side-to-side, is equal.

How do I adjust my standing desk?

Always adjust your standing desk to your elbows’ height. Bend your elbows at a 90 degrees angle, keeping your neck neutral and your wrists straight in front of you. Lift or lower the standing desk to align your forearms parallel with the desk surface.

How to adjust Ergotron stand?

HOW TO ADJUST THE ERGOTRON STANDING DESK? To adjust your Ergotron standing desk, adjust until arms stay in place and tension. Turn the screw counter or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the tension.

How to adjust Ergotron?

Adjust Lift To Increase Lifting Force: Turn screw clockwise. To Decrease Lifting Force: Turn screw counterclockwise. Lift – Up & Down Tilt – Back & Forth Pan/Arm Swing – Side-to-side Rotate – P/L (Portrait/Landscape) 6 Range of Motion The Ergotron LX Monitor Arm is designed to adjust quickly and easily according

What is a dual monitor stand?

Dual monitor stands provide plus and minus 15 degrees of tilt range and allow individual adjustment for each monitor. Dual computer monitor stands align monitors side by side on a 27″W mount display attached to a free standing 14″H pole. integrated cable management clips multiple cables to the arms keeping them orderly and out of the way.