How much does a white elephant gift cost?

This list has a companion article with some top shelf White Elephant Gifts. And by “top shelf” I mean mostly in the $15 to $20 dollar range, with maybe two that are actually fancier. I went to a bunch of websites and couldn’t find a gift to get.

What are the Best Secret Santa gifts under $10?

Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts under $10 1. For the one with the sweet tooth: Candy 2. For the fragrant one: Old Spice deodorant and Gold Bond powder 3. For the foot-focused one: Dress and fuzzy socks 4. For the one who always needs more juice: A spare phone charger 5. For the brainiac: A book of riddles and puzzles

What happens when you open gifts at a White Elephant Party?

As everyone opens their gifts, party goers will also have the opportunity to “switch gifts” with other people (aka they get to steal gifts – “switch” implies choice on the part of the other person, which is not the case). The best white elephant gift at a party might get passed around a few times between guests.

50 White Elephant Gift Ideas That’ll Make For a Wonderful Holiday — All $50 or Less! White elephant gifts include all things quirky, all things weird, and all things you would secretly love to get for yourself (but absolutely never would).

What is the best white elephant gift for a handyman?

The perfect white elephant gift idea for any ramen lover. And who doesn’t love them some ramen? The perfect present for the handyman in your life. The Master Crapsman box set may not come with a plug or 400-horsepower engine, but he (and you) will appreciate its stink-fightin’ power.

What are the best gift ideas for a White Elephant Party?

Packaged in a colorful gift box, this makes the perfect gift for your favorite drinking Buddy. This will sure be a big hit at your white elephant party. Codenames is a social word card game with a simple premise and challenging gameplay. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents.

What is the perfect white elephant gift for a ramen lover?

Ramen nights get an upgrade – all you need is to add noodles to this patterned deep-dish ceramic bowl with a built-in resting place for included wooden chopsticks! The perfect white elephant gift idea for any ramen lover. And who doesn’t love them some ramen?