How much does a Bombardier 3500 cost?

The jet, expected to enter service in the second half of 2022, will list for $26.7 million, the same price as the 350, the company has said.

How many passengers does a Challenger 350 have?

The Challenger 350 allows for travel with up to nine passengers, featuring fully-customizable seating configurations perfect for in-air work sessions or family gatherings at 45,000 feet. The Flexjet Challenger 350 offers one of the quietest cabins in the super-midsize segment.

What is the range of a Bombardier Challenger 350?

The Challenger 350 has a non-stop range of 5,926km and can fly at a maximum speed of 871km/h. The aircraft requires a takeoff distance of 1,474m and landing distance of 826m. The maximum operating altitude of Challenger 350 is 13,716m.

How much does a new Bombardier cost?

A new Challenger 605 costs in the region of $27 million. Aside from the high fixed cost and ongoing maintenance costs, there are pilot and crew salaries, insurance and other variables to consider. Many companies are now opting to rent private jets instead.

How many hours can a Challenger 350 fly?

7 hours
Coast-to-coast freedom. With the ability to fly up to 7 hours without a fuel stop, you’ll be able to travel nonstop, coast-to-coast as well as to select locations outside the country.

How much fuel does a Challenger 350 burn hourly?

Fully loaded, it easily uses runways less than 5,000 feet long, and it climbs at better than 4,200 feet per minute (sometimes a lot better). Yet it can burn as little as 178 gallons of fuel per hour at high-speed cruise settings, or around 470 knots, at altitude.

What is The wingspan of Bombardier Challenger 350?

It features wing without slat, which integrates more winglet canted designs to improve aerodynamic performance. Bombardier Challenger 350 has a wingspan of 21m, length of 20.9m, and overall height of 6.1m. The aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight is 18,416kg. This can carry up to ten passengers or a maximum payload of 1,542kg.

What makes the Challenger 350 the best in its class?

The Challenger 350 has the widest purpose-built cabin in its class. Bombardier’s Challenger 350 aircraft hits that coveted sweet spot of luxury and fine craftsmanship, along with the best in technology and exceptional range and performance. All are perfectly optimized – and with no sign of compromise.

Which Challenger Jet has the widest cabin?

This luxurious yet energetic business jet offers the most comfortable and satisfying cabin experience in the super midsize class. The Challenger 350 has the widest purpose-built cabin in its class.

Which is the widest cabin in the Bombardier opposition 350?

Bombardier Opposition 350 has the widest cabin in its course, with a size of 2.19 m and a height of 1.86 m. The constant flat flooring design of this cabin can fit 8 travelers in a double club seats design. Optional layout with side-facing cots to suit even more travelers is likewise available.