How much do you get for returning cans in Michigan?

Under Michigan’s current law, distributors must charge a 10-cent deposit per returnable container when they sell their products to retailers. Retailers then pass the charge onto customers and refund it when containers are returned.

How much is aluminum per pound in Michigan?

Chase Division Material Pricing Information

Material Per Pound
Extruded $0.80
Unclean Extruded $0.64
AL Turnings $0.41

Can you return cans and bottles in Michigan?

All Michigan stores selling bottles, cans with 10-cent deposits must now take returns. If a retailer sells beverage containers with a 10-cent deposit, it must now also accept those bottles and cans for deposit redemption, starting immediately, the State Treasury Department announced Thursday.

Where can I turn in cans in Michigan?

Many aluminum cans are returnables in the state of Michigan! You can take them to a local grocery store (Kroger, Meijer, etc.), deposit them, and get money in return.

Where can I return my cans in Michigan?

Michiganders who desire to redeem their outstanding 10-cent deposit on bottles and cans will now be able to go to any retailer that accepts returns, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

What cans can you recycle for money in Michigan?

It now accepts containers from juice, water, sports drinks and liquor. Michigan’s deposit law, which was enacted late in 1978, includes beer, soft drinks, carbonated and mineral water, wine coolers and canned cocktails.

Does Michigan take crushed cans?

Most beverage containers in Michigan are labeled with a bar code that a reverse vending machine reads to determine if the container is returnable. However, retailers are required to accept crushed containers if they are clean, sold by the retailer, and can be identified as a Michigan returnable beverage container.

How much do aluminum cans sell for per pound?

Aluminum Can Prices You could get around 5 cents per pound for aluminum cans at a recycling center or scrap yard. The price fluctuates, so check with the centers or scrap yards near you to see how much you could get today. As of this writing, we saw these prices in the U.S.:

Where can I recycle aluminum cans?

Some states offer buy back programs for aluminum can recycling, but if you are gathering them in bulk you could be making some bigger chunks of change at the scrap yard. When you search the iScrap App for your local scrap yards, you can find a yard where you can bring your aluminum cans for recycling.

What is the best state to buy aluminum cans?

That’s why the best aluminum can prices are in states with “bottle bills,” laws requiring a deposit. Michigan, like Oregon, has the highest standard deposit at 10 cents. Most other states with such laws have a 5-cent deposit, although some require higher deposits on larger cans or liquor bottles.

Are aluminium cans good for scrap metal?

Aluminum cans may not be seen as a hot commodity in the scrap metal industry but they are just as important to scrap and recycle with your local facility as the next type of metal. Cans are a very common material for everyone to come across whether you are a homeowner, scrapper, or contractor collecting them from your lunch breaks.