How long should Classic XC ski poles be?

Classic: For the Classic style, the pole should finish at the height of the shoulder knowing that this is equivalent on average to the height of the person minus 30 cm or the height multiplied by 0.84. Touring: For Touring, the pole should finish below the shoulder.

What length cross country skis Classic?

Control, turning, and stopping will all be more precise with less effort. Three factors need to be considered for ski length….Men vs. women.

Height (cm) Recommended ski length (cm)
150-160 145-155
160-170 150-165
170-180 165-175
180-190 175-185

How do you size a classic pole?

Most nordic coaches now agree that correct pole length for skating reaches between the chin and upper lip, roughly 90% of your height. To find this number multiply your height in inches times 2.3; now to find classic pole length, subtract from 10-15 cm.

What length ski pole should I use?

Downhill Ski Poles Sizing

Skier Height Pole Size (in.) Pole Size (cm)
5 ft. 42 in. 105cm
5 ft. 2 in. 44 in. 110cm
5 ft. 4 in. 46 in. 115cm
5 ft. 6 in. 46 in. 115cm

How do you measure cross country ski length?

Whether you are classic cross-country skiing or skating, these following rules of thumb apply:

  1. Classic cross-country ski pole: body size (cm) x 0.85 = pole length.
  2. Ski pole for skating skis: body height (cm) x 0.90 = pole length.

How do you hold cross country ski poles?

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How do you determine cross-country ski length?

As a very general rule, take: Your Height (inches) X 2.6 +15 = length of ski (cm). Or if you’re not into formulas, figure your height out in cm and add 5-10cm.

How long should classic skis be?

The following rule of thumb can be used for kids: Skating: For beginners take the body size and subtract 5 to 10 cm. For advanced kids take the body size and add 5 cm to 10 cm. Classic: For beginners take the body size and add +10 cm, for advanced kids take the body size and add 10 cm – 20 cm.

How are cross country poles measured?

To correctly size a recreational touring cross country ski pole you will want to measure to the under arm (armpit). A correctly sized pole in this category should sit right under the armpit. You can go longer if you prefer a faster stride.

How do you shorten cross-country ski poles?

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What size cross country skis should I buy?

Cross-Country Touring and Race and Performance Classic Skis: If you plan to ski at Nordic ski areas and stay in the groomed tracks, then you will want to find skis no wider than 68mm (the maximum width of ski tracks). The sidecut of the skis should be minimal so the skis glide straight and efficiently.

How to size cross country skis?

Decide what type of cross country skiing you’d like to do,as they are all sized differently.

  • Check the weight specifications of any set of skis before purchasing.
  • Multiply your height in inches by 2.7,then add 15″ to get a good approximation of Classic Touring skis.
  • Know that Compact Skis usually come in several pre-made sizes based on weight.
  • What is the size of a cross country ski?

    How tall you are will determine how long your skis need to be. For someone 5 feet tall, cross country ski size would be 180 centimeters. For every two inches of height about 5 feet adjust the ski length by 5 centimeters.

    How long is a cross country ski race?

    The skiathlon is a cross-country skiing race in two stages. The first stage is done with the classical technique, after which racers can change skis at a transition area and continue racing using the free technique. The race is 22.5 km and around 40 minutes long for women and 30 km and one hour long for men.