How long is ADA CCC?

Most Captains Career Courses are 4-6 months in length. Upon graduation from the Captain’s Career Course, students will be prepared to assume Company Command or serve on a Battalion or Brigade level staff, joint and multi-national environments.

Where is Army Air Defence college Aadc situated?

Gopalpur Military Station
The Army Air Defence College, (abbreviated as AADC), is the training academy for the Army Air Defence Corps of Indian Army. The college is located in the Gopalpur Military Station in Gopalpur, Odisha. It spreads over an area of 2700 acres of land.

What is the work of Army Air Defence?

The Corps of Army Air Defence (abbreviated as AAD), is an active corps of the Indian Army and a major combative formation tasked with air defences of the country from foreign threats. The AAD Corps is responsible for the protection of Indian air space from enemy aircraft and missiles, especially below 5,000 feet.

Do I have to go to CCC army?

For company grade officers, that foundation is built at the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Captain’s Career Course (CCC). Unfortunately, the AMEDD CCC is the only career course in the Army where attendance is not mandated for newly promoted Captains, nor is it required for those taking company command.

When can I go to CCC army?

The Army Captain’s Career Course (CCC) is the second developmental course attended by officers following their commissioning. Generally, officers attend the course immediately after promotion to Captain and between their 4th and 7th years of service.

How do you become a army AAD?

Training of AAD Personnel – AAD College: Soldiers of AAD are given a 2-month advanced training after their basic training while officers undergo both initial and regular refresher training. Regular training courses and programs for gunnery, advanced gunnery, and leadership is also conducted by AADC.

Who can join Army Air Defence?

Categories of Entry and Their Eligibility Conditions

Category Age
Soldier (General Duty) (All Arms) 17 ½ – 21 Yrs
Soldier Technical (Technical Arms, Artillery, Army Air Defence) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs
Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs
Soldier Nursing Assistant (Army Medical Corps) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs

Does CCC incur adso?

Officers who attend a CCC will immediately incur ADSOs for schooling (1-year) and a PCS ADSO, as described at paragraph 2–5.

What is the Air Defense Artillery School?

The Air Defense Artillery School is the professional school of the Air Defense Artillery Branch of the US Army. It is at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Where is the 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade?

It is at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The school was organized as the 6th ADA Brigade until 18 May 2012, when it was redesignated as the 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. The decision to redesignate the 6th ADA to 30th ADA was made after Col. Bill Stacey, the then-6th ADA commander, discovered that the 6th ADA had no official ADA colors.

What is Aad artillery in the military?

Air Defense Artillery is a combat arms branch that protects military forces, international allies and geopolitical assets from aerial attack, missile attack, and surveillance. It is one of the fastest growing branches in the Army and provides variety, flexibility, leadership opportunity and worldwide relevance.

What is air defense?

–Air Defense units operate in the Active Component and the Army National Guard. –Air Defense is critical in deterring our adversaries and assuring allies of U.S. commitment. –Extensive opportunities to travel and see the world. Strategic Impact Worldwide Stationing –Air Defense units are forward stationed in Europe and the Pacific.