How long does a CU80 last?

4 years
How Long Does a CU80 Conviction Last? A CU80 motoring conviction will stay on your driver’s licence for 4 years and see you receive up to 6 points on your record, as well as a fine.

What is a CU80 driving conviction?

Using a mobile phone while driving is usually recognised as a CU80 driving offence. The CU80 code defines the offence as a ‘breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, such as using a mobile phone. ‘

What is a cu80 and how does it affect your insurance?

A CU80 is a newly founded conviction where a driver is caught using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle. This type of conviction could see penalty points put on the drivers licence and this could also impact on your insurance premium. Under the new regulations you cannot text, email, use apps or even browse the web on your phone.

What is a cu80 driving offence?

The definition of a CU80 driving offence is contained within Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and said to be “the driving of a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone or other hand-held interactive communication device.”. For these purposes;

What is the fixed penalty for a cu80?

DVLA Endorsement Code: CU80. (remains on driving licence 4 years from date of offence) Fixed Penalty: £200 fine and 6 penalty points. New drivers who have held their driving licence for less than 2 years will have their driving licence revoked under the new drivers act if they accumulate 6 penalty points.

What is a cu80 endorsement on a driver’s license?

You are given a CU80 endorsement on your driver’s license if you are caught using your phone while driving. In the modern world of communication technology, it is important for drivers to use ‘hands-free’ options. It is a necessity that not only protects you, but people around you.