How do you pluralize son in law?

noun, plural sons-in-law.

What is plural for radius?

The name comes from Latin radius, meaning “ray” but also the spoke of a chariot wheel. The plural of radius can be either radii (from the Latin plural) or the conventional English plural radiuses.

How do you write sons in plural?

The plural form of son is sons.

What is the plural of children in law?

Word forms: plural sons-in-law. countable noun [usually poss NOUN] Someone’s son-in-law is the husband of one of their children. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

How do you use son-in-law in a sentence?

Examples of ‘sons-in-law’ in a sentence sons-in-law

  1. Despite Noon’s best efforts, David has forgotten which of his sons-in-law he should be angry with.
  2. It’s a family-run restaurant with everyone there — grandfather, grandmother, daughters, sons, sons-in-law.

Why the plural of radius is radii?

Because with [radi]us the stem is “radi” but with [vir]us the stem is “vir”. These words are from the same type (second declension) they both receive an -i affix in plural, hence radi + i = radii, vir + i = viri.

What is the plural of family?

The plural of ‘family’ is ‘families’. For example: ”There are two new families living in my neighborhood. ” Just be careful because it can sound like the possessive form (family’s) which is used to talk about something that belongs to your family – e.g. ”my family’s car broke down”.

What is correct her son or his son?

“His son” is a phrase which is often translated as “su hijo”, and “her son” is a phrase which is also often translated as “su hijo”.

Does sons have an apostrophe?

If you are talking about something belonging to a son, it is “son’s” which is possessive as in: “My son’s guitar is loud.” If you are talking about someone with multiple boys as offspring, then “sons” is correct as in: “My neighbor asked my sons to help her.”

Is son in law considered a child?

Immediate Family Member means a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships, of a natural person referred to herein.

Is there such thing as son in law?

Son in law is the person who is married to your daughter. An example of son in law is your daughter’s husband.

How do I write my son in law?

Correct pronunciation for the word “son-in-law” is [sˈʌnɪnlˈɔː], [sˈʌnɪnlˈɔː], [s_ˈʌ_n_ɪ_n_l_ˈɔː].

What is the plural of son-in-law?

What is the plural form of son-in-law? The plural form of the compound noun son-in-law is sons-in-law. example: Both of my sons-in-law are in the medical field. Q: What is the plural form of son-in-law?

What is the plural of radius?

radius. The plural form of radius is radii or radiuses . Find more words! To calculate a radius for each hospital’s market area, we limited radii to a range between 10 and 35 miles. Given an angle CAB draw a circle with centre A so that AC and AB are radii of the circle.

Is radradius singular or plural?

Radius is the singular form and one of the plural forms of the word radius is radii. So if you are referring to the radius of two objects or more then you could say “the radii of the two objects”.

Is it radii of two objects or the radius of one?

So if you are referring to the radius of two objects or more then you could say “the radii of the two objects”. There is also the plural form more common for conventional English speakers radiuses. Depending on whether or not you are using it in a formal sense, like a paper or homework,you can use either plural form.