How do you care for Goniopora coral?

Goniopora appreciate low to medium flow, but preferably with some randomness to it. That way you will get that gentle waving motion which helps keep the coral clean and brings food past the colony.

Will Goniopora sting each other?

Long or short tenticles, they sting like any other coral, just not each other.

Where do you put Goniopora?

Placement in the tank is also crucial. They must be well positioned on a sturdy rock to avoid damaging falls. When placing Goniopora they must have enough room to grow and move their tentacles. Goniopora should be monitored for shriveling after being moved to a new tank to make sure they are getting enough sunlight.

Will goniopora spread?

This is my fastest growing Goniopora. Tissue spreads quickly over freshly cut skeleton and then onto the mounting plug. It prefers moderate to high water flow, with moderate to high lighting conditions.

Do you dip Goniopora coral?

I generally use Seachem’s Reef Dip. I do a double dose of the Iodine in the water and leave the coral in there for double the time (20-30 minutes). I do this for the first few days twice a day.

How often should I feed my Goniopora?

It prefers moderate to high water flow, with moderate to high lighting conditions. I feed this species DT’s oyster eggs, Cyclop-eeze juice and phytoplankton three to five times per week. In my opinion, this coral does not need direct feeding to thrive, although such feedings do seem to enhance its growth.

Can you dip Goniopora?

Is Goniopora toxic?

GPT is highly toxic, with a lethal dose found in mice of 0.3-0.5 mg/kg when the 12 kDa GPT was injected intraperitoneally. Symptoms consist of hypersensitivity, paralysis of hind limbs, diarrhea, rigidity of the entire body, and GPT can lead to a blue or purple discoloration of the skin.

Are Goniopora easy to keep?

I just talked to the owner from the store who held the auction and he said they used to be difficult because no one knew how to feed them but that Reef roids was especially made for them and since that product became available, they are easy to keep.

Does Goniopora close at night?

We’ve had it for almost a year and for the first six months or so it was doing great. It doubled in size and was fully extended all day, usually closing up at night when the lights went off. Then about 2 months ago it stopped extended and was basically closed up all day.