How do you build a home in state of decay?

The location on the map will say “Potential Home Site.” Press DOWN on the D-PAD to bring up the radio menu, similar to creating an Outpost. There should be an option in the menu for creating a new Home Base. The Trucking Warehouse or Trumbull County Fairgrounds are the biggest Bases in State of Decay.

Can you build a base in state of decay?

Microsoft has debuted State of Decay 2, its latest zombie-themed survival game, with some deeper systems under its revamped gameplay. One of State of Decay 2’s largest components is its base building, providing players with the ability to shape handcrafted settlements reflected in the game’s world.

What’s the best home base in state of decay?

The best two bases, just like in the main game, are the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall (the southwest corner of the map) and the Trumbell County Fairgrounds in Fairfield (the northwest corner of the map). Depending on your goals, each of these is an ideal home base.

How do I move my home base in State of Decay 2?

After you’ve searched the base and cleared out all the zombies, all you have to do is go to the spot with the flag icon (this isn’t marked on the map) and hit the button to claim the base. Once claimed, all your resources, vehicles, and survivors are automatically moved to your new home.

How do I move my home base in state of decay 2?

How do I move my home base in combat siege?

The home map can be changed in the setup menu, and this also moves the home base to another map. b) You have only 1 base on your home map (only the home base) AND more than 10 bases on another map. In that case, you can change your home map to the map where you have more than 10 bases.

How do you build a good base in State of Decay 2?

To keep your community member happy you will have to follow a few things. Keep a bed for every survivor, don’t recruit new if you don’t have extra beds. Keep minimum 10 foods in the stockpile always, set up a Garden, or set up a food outpost. Any infected member in the base can put others in depression.

Can you make your own character in State of Decay 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no character creation in State of Decay 2. Since characters can die in the game, with no way of resurrecting them, you’re going to be switching which one you’re controlling at different times throughout your playthrough. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide.

What is the best starting base location in state of Decay 2?

Best Base Location. When you first start State of Decay 2 you’re asked to choose one of three locations for your base at the end of the tutorial: The Foothills, Plateau, or Valley. Ultimately, the best starting base location in State of Decay 2 depends on the bases you want in the future. The largest bases on each map differ,…

How do I start my state of Decay 2 community?

Welcome to the first step into your State of Decay 2 experience. The first thing you’ll need to do before you start up your community is choose your starting survivors. You’ll have four pairs to choose from, each with their own fixed backstories.

Are there any side missions in state of decay?

State of Decay Wiki Guide. Walkthrough. This section will cover all big and Story-related Missions in State of Decay. There are a number of random Side Missions that may pop up, but the Story Missions are necessary to progress and explore more of the map.

Is it safe to play state of Decay Year One?

Also, it’s always good to be safe, yet this base has so many gates, it’s difficult to navigate through. If you’re looking to get your hands on all of our State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition content in one place, visit our State of Decay guide and become the ultimate survivor.