How do you abbreviate Toronto Ontario?

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Acronym Definition
TOR Toronto, Canada
TOR Top of Rack (various companies)
TOR Torsion (mathematics)
TOR The Onion Router

What is the province code for Toronto?


Province/Territory Standard abbreviations English/French Internationally approved alpha code (Source: Canada Post)
Quebec Que./Qc QC
Ontario Ont./Ont. ON
Manitoba Man./Man. MB
Saskatchewan Sask./Sask. SK

Is Ontario a state or province?

Ontario, second largest province of Canada in area, after Quebec. It occupies the strip of the Canadian mainland lying between Hudson and James bays to the north and the St. Lawrence River–Great Lakes chain to the south.

What does CA stand for?

California (US postal abbreviation) CA.

What does NS stand for in Canada?

Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Initials. NS. Nova Scotia. Nouvelle-Écosse.

What does CDN stand for?

content delivery network
A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of geographically distributed servers that speed up the delivery of web content by bringing it closer to where users are.

Is Ontario a city or province?

listen) on-TAIR-ee-oh; French: [ɔ̃taʁjo]) is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. Located in Central Canada, it is Canada’s most populous province, with 38.3 percent of the country’s population, and is the second-largest province by total area (after Quebec).

How do you abbreviate Ontario?

ON – Postal abbreviation for Ontario

  • Ont. – English abbreviation for Ontario
  • Ont. – French abbreviation for Ontario
  • Is Ontario Canada a province or territory?

    Ontario (/ɒnˈtɛərioʊ/ ( listen); French: [ɔ̃taʁjo]) is one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada and is located in east-central Canada. It is Canada’s most populous province accounting for 38.3 percent of the country’s population, and is the second-largest province in total area.

    What is the two letter abbreviation for Ontario?

    The official two-letter abbreviations for the provinces and territories in Canada. Alberta – British Columbia – Manitoba – New Brunswick – Newfoundland and Labrador – Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia – Nunavut – Ontario – Prince Edward Island – Quebec – Saskatchewan – Yukon Territory .

    What province is next to Ontario?

    Ontario is a province located in the Central part of Canada, and is largest by population and the second largest Province, next to Quebec, in size. It is bordered by the provinces Manitoba in the west and Quebec in the east, and the American states of New York, Minnesota and Michigan.