How do I take the civil service test in NY?

Sign Up to Take the Exam

  1. Login or create a Civil Service Account.
  2. Select the ‘Job Seekers’ tab at the top of the page.
  3. Choose ‘State Examinations.
  4. Select the third option ‘Open to all Qualified Individuals.
  5. Click on an Exam Title and read through the specifics of the exam to see if you meet the qualifications.

How do you prepare for a civil service test?

Many people spend up to a full year studying for the exam. You should prepare to answer math, reasoning, reading, and writing questions while taking the civil service exam. Be prepared to answer math, reasoning, reading, and writing questions while taking your civil service exam.

Did the Qing Dynasty use the civil service exam?

Imperial China was famous for its civil service examination system, which had its beginnings in the Sui dynasty (581-618 CE) but was fully developed during the Qing dynasty. The system continued to play a major role, not only in education and government, but also in society itself, throughout Qing times.

What is a civil service exam New York State?

The civil service exams in New York State are meant to ensure that aspiring civil servants can succeed in government work. If you’re able to pass the civil service exam, the government hiring agency will put your name on a list of jobs that you’re eligible for.

Where can I take civil service exam?

You must personally file the Civil Service Exam application at the CSC Regional Office (CSC RO), or at any of the CSC RO’s Field Offices where you intend to take the examination. Check the Civil Service Commission Office Directory to find the CSC Office near your area.

What is a good score on PA civil service test?

You need a 96 or better and 96 may not be good enough. The test is easy, many ace it. Service people get bonus points that can ultimately give them a score of better than perfect, so you need a high score to be considered for interview.

Where can I find information about upcoming Department of civil service exams?

Check back regularly for the latest updates. The Department of Civil Service website also provides a Tentative Exam Schedule that lists all upcoming Department of Civil Service exams. You may also subscribe to receive email notifications of new Civil Service exam announcements.

How to prepare for the civil service test?

CSEA WEBSTORE Civil Service Test Preparation and Job Information Prepare for your civil service examination with free Civil Service Test Preparation Booklets, online courses and civil service test preparation workshops. E Exam Topic Lookup Search for preparation materials for your civil service exam. Local government exams

What is on the New York State entry level professional exam?

This one exam fills over 100 entry-level professional titles used by various state agencies across New York State. This exam is held periodically. Engineer Series : This link will take you to an overview page that describes the various examinations for each level in the Engineering Series, and how to apply.

Why work for NYS parks & recreation & historic preservation?

If you are compassionate, motivated, and interested in making a difference, a career with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation may be right for you! We offer generous benefits, paid days off, and opportunities for professional growth. Positions are available in a variety of settings at locations across the state.