How do I install Office 2013 on Ubuntu?

Get the deb package from here: Then open a Terminal window and type: sudo apt-get install gdebi . After gdebi is installed, close the Terminal, right-click on wps office deb file and choose open with gdebi. Wait for the installation to finish and that’s it.

How do I install Office 2013 on Linux Mint?

Searching for this term brings up several versions of Microsoft Office. Each result is an installation profile, and once the user clicks on one, PlayOnLinux will create a Wine environment and walk through the installation process. Within the results, select “Microsoft Office 2013” and then the “Install” button.

Can I install MS Office in Ubuntu?

Recently Microsoft has released a version of Microsoft Office via the web, something that can be used in any operating system and if this operating system works well with web technologies such as Ubuntu, installation is easy.

How do I install Microsoft Office on PlayOnLinux?

Install Microsoft Office

  1. Open playOnLinux by searching for it in the dash then clicking on the icon:
  2. Once open click on the ‘Install’ button located near the top of the window:
  3. A new window will open, click ‘Office’ then click on the version you will be installing for example ‘Microsoft Office 2010’ then click install:

How do I install Office 2013 on Linux?


  1. Install Wine.
  2. Install Play On Linux and Lutris.
  3. Install Dependencies (May vary from distribution to distribution.
  4. Download MS-OFFICE 2013 (Secure Encrypted Download From The Tech Show Downloads)
  5. Launch Play On Linux > Install > Office > Search (Office) > Select Microsoft Office 2016 > Install.

Can you install Office on Linux?

Office works pretty well on Linux. Wine presents your home folder to Word as your My Documents folder, so it’s easy to save files and load them from your standard Linux file system. The Office interface obviously doesn’t look as at home on Linux as it does on Windows, but it performs fairly well.

How do I install Outlook on Ubuntu?

Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu

  1. Requirements. We’ll install MSOffice using the PlayOnLinux wizard.
  2. Pre Install. In the POL window menu, go to Tools > Manage Wine versions and install Wine 2.13 .
  3. Install. In the POL window, click on Install at top (the one with a plus sign).
  4. Post Install. Desktop Files.

Can you install MS Office on Linux?

Using Microsoft Office on Linux Office works pretty well on Linux. Wine presents your home folder to Word as your My Documents folder, so it’s easy to save files and load them from your standard Linux file system.

How do I download PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu?

To install PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu Software Center, open the Ubuntu Software Center from the Application Menu. Search for the PlayOnLinux. Now, click on the PlayOnLinux application. To install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 20.04, click on ‘Install’.

How install Microsoft Excel in Ubuntu?

Here’s how to install Microsoft Excel on an Ubuntu PC….Install Winbind

  1. Click Install.
  2. Wait for the Microsoft Office installation wizard to appear.
  3. Select Microsoft Excel 2016.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Agree to the EULA.
  6. Click Install again.

Can I run Microsoft Office 2013 on Linux?

Including Outlook. This article walks you through getting Microsoft Office 2013 (and 2010) running on Linux with CrossOver. It guides you through the installation and gives a review on what parts of the Office suite work with Linux. There is a commercial version of Wine, named CrossOver.

Is it possible to install Microsoft Office 2013 on wine?

According to Wine HQ, Microsoft Office 2013, can’t be installed. I you would suggest that you look at Libreoffice, or if insist on MS office, you can try Office 365. I suggest you use AbiWord instead.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Office 2010 for Linux?

Office 2010 with PlayOnLinux. This is software based on Wine. Office 365 in your browser. Skydrive in your browser. You can then create a Word document/PowerPoint presentation/Excel document/OneNote note free of charge. Keep in mind though you just got a limited set of features (It’s actually a stripped down version of a paid Office 365 account)

What is the easiest way to use MS Office on Ubuntu?

The easiest way to use MS Office on Ubuntu would be to just use the Online version of O365. 8 clever moves when you have $1,000 in the bank. We’ve put together a list of 8 money apps to get you on the path towards a bright financial future.

Can I install Microsoft Office in Ubuntu?

Because the Microsoft Office suite is designed for Microsoft Windows, it cannot be installed directly onto a computer running Ubuntu. However, it is possible to install and run certain versions of Office using the WINE Windows-compatibility layer available in Ubuntu.

Is there a Microsoft Office for Linux?

Microsoft is bringing its first Office app to Linux today. The software maker is releasing Microsoft Teams into a public preview, with the app available in native Linux packages in . deb and . rpm formats.

How install Excel on Linux?

Install Excel Viewer on Linux

  1. Search for “excel”
  2. Select Microsoft Excel Viewer.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Click Next until the installer starts.
  5. Select Download the program.
  6. Click Next to continue installation.

How do I run Microsoft Word on Ubuntu?

On Ubuntu, open the Ubuntu Software Center, search for Wine, and install the Wine package. Next, insert the Microsoft Office disc into your computer. Open it in your file manager, right-click the setup.exe file, and open the .exe file with Wine.

How install Excel in Ubuntu?

How do I install Office on Linux?

3. Install Microsoft Office using PlayOnlinux

  1. Step 1: Install PlayOnLinux.
  2. Step 2: Install PlayOnLinux.
  3. Step 3: Download Office ISO file/disc.
  4. Step 4: Locate PlayOnLinux.
  5. Step 5: Open PlayOnLinux.
  6. Step 6: Select Office.
  7. Step 7: Select Office version.
  8. Step 8: Instructional window.

Why can’t I install Microsoft Office 2013 on Linux?

At times Office 2013 may fail to install. This is because the 64-bit version doesn’t work. For Office 2013 to work on Linux and Wine, the 32-bit version must be used. Additionally, the Office installer may fail to install with PlayOnLinux and even crash.

Does Microsoft Office 2013 – supported software – PlayOnLinux?

Microsoft Office 2013 – Supported software – PlayOnLinux – Run your Windows applications on Linux easily! This installer is a beta script. It means that it might not work as expected Office 2013 testing installer.? POL_Debug_Fatal “$ (eval_gettext ” The 64bits version is not compatible! Sorry “)”;

Can I run Microsoft Office on Linux with wine?

The Wine project lets you run Windows software on Linux. With the recent release of Wine 1.8, also Microsoft Office 2010. Including Outlook. This article walks you through getting Microsoft Office 2013 (and 2010) running on Linux with CrossOver.