How do I get the best Slendertone results?

To achieve the best results, Slendertone continues to support users with a variety of training plans and recommends using the device for 30 minutes, five times a week over a four to six week programme. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not just about getting a six pack.

How long does it take to see results with Slendertone?

100% of users reported firmer, more toned abs from 6 weeks (with significant results from 4 weeks) Users experienced an average 72% increase in abdominal endurance from 4 weeks. Users experienced an average 49% increase in abdominal strength from 4 weeks.

Does Slendertone work on belly fat?

Slendertone recommends doing 30 minutes five times a week, but you can do it while watching television. Slendertone unsurprisingly points out that it works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. A Slendertone trial found users had an average waistline reduction of 3.5cm over four weeks.

Can I use Slendertone 3 times a day?

We recommend a maximum of two sessions per day. If you feel sore, stop for the day to rest and recover.

Can I run with Slendertone?

Most people wear their Slendertone before or after exercise whilst relaxing or running errands, but you can wear it during too!

Do you burn calories with Slendertone?

The only way that you can ‘burn’ calories is by aerobic exercise and Slendertone products do not constitute this type of exercise.

Can I use Slendertone twice a day?

Can I use my Slendertone System abdominal toner more than once a day? Yes – But we recommend that you do only one 30-40 minute toning session per day. If you do wish to use your Slendertone belt a second time, you should leave 6 to 8 hours between sessions for your muscles to recover.

Do you burn calories using Slendertone?

How many sit ups is Slendertone equivalent to?

120 sit ups
Just 20 minutes using the Slendertone Premium Abs belt will provide a complete abdominal workout equivalent to 120 sit ups that works in harmony with busy schedules and daily routines. You can use it anywhere – at work, around the house, whilst taking a walk or exercising.

Is using Slendertone bad for you?

There are no side effects from using Slendertone products provided that you follow the instructions and you do not have a medical condition that is contra-indicated in our manuals. You control the intensity levels of the product to a level that is comfortable for you.

Can I use Slendertone too much?

Can I use my Slendertone System abdominal toner more than once a day? Yes – But we recommend that you do only one 30-40 minute toning session per day. After this session your muscles will be tired and, since tired muscles don’t work as hard, you may not get any additional benefit from a second session.

Do you have to exercise with slendertone?

We advise doing gentle exercises such as walking or Pilates and using an intensity that is slightly lower than what you are used to. The combined approach will be tougher on your abs during your workout.