How do I get rid of Soundrop?

To cancel/takedown from one or more stores (not all)

  1. Click on the box next to the partner or partners you want to cancel from.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Takedown.

How long does it take for Soundrop to process?

We deliver releases immediately after they’ve been licensed (which can take approximately 7-10 days from signup). After all tracks are licensed and delivered to our partners, it typically takes 2-5 days to go live on their sites!

Is Soundrop completely free?

We don’t charge any annual fees. Instead, we count on your exceptional talent to make great music. And we go the extra mile to make sure your songs are available to fans. That leads to more streams, more downloads, and more royalties for you.

How do you distribute songs on Soundrop?

To distribute and send your release to all the music stores, click “Send release to stores & services”. 16) Click “Distribute now” to set which stores to deliver to, pricing, territory restrictions, release date, and pre-orders.

Does Soundrop copyright my music?

What We Can License: Cover Songs: A cover song is another artist’s recording of a song that was previously written (or arranged), recorded, and released by someone else after 1924. Soundrop can help with licensing a cover song provided that the original work has been officially released in the US.

Is Soundrop only for cover songs?

As of August 2nd there is now a processing fee of $0.99 per track for both original and cover song tracks. Over the years, content creators have continued to think of more and more novel ways to work and rework their favorite songs. There are no annual or subscription fees with Soundrop! …

What is automated claiming Soundrop?

Soundrop can deliver and monitor the use of your music on social media platforms via Automated Claiming. When your music is shared on these platforms, you’ll get exposure and ad revenue! In order to take advantage of this tool, however, the sounds that you use in your music must be exclusive to your track.

Is Soundrop better than DistroKid?

There is another site called Soundrop that does the same stuff as DistroKid, except for a fee of $9.99 for every song you are trying to distribute. I’ve done the calculations, and if you are making $80 or less per year from online music sales, Soundrop is the better option for you.

Is Soundrop Free 2021?

As of August 2, 2021, there is now a one-time, $0.99 distribution charge for every new track, and we have retired the $9.99 per composition cover song licensing fee.

Does Soundrop work with Spotify?

Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora, Instagram, TikTok, and more. And every month we’ll send you a payment for your earnings.

Is Soundrop only for cover artists?

Why we can’t license it: Requires legal consultation and/or direct permission from the original publisher. We aren’t able to accept outside licenses for cover songs. You can certainly use your license for transactions outside of Soundrop (like sales on Bandcamp or physical CD sales)!

How do I get Started with Soundrop?

>How to Get Started with Soundrop >Get Help >View tutorial >Free Marketing Tools >Soundrop Style Guide >Order Custom Backing Tracks >Free Online Mastering >Discounted Sample Licensing Connect your services Connected services Find your credentials Import the last 6 months of iTunes/Apple Music reports. Import Cancel Thank you.

Is Soundrop a public or private company?

Soundrop is a private company as are our partners. While free speech may apply to what you want to say in public, private companies reserve the right to choose how their platforms are used. Both Soundrop and our partners do not want hate content on their platforms and we don’t accept it.

What is Soundrop’s policy on frauds?

Fraud Soundrop has a zero-tolerance policy for fraud. This means we will remove your account and all submissions immediately if we detect that you are engaging in fraudulent behavior. Any funds in your account will be frozen and we will also close any additional accounts you make.

What are the risks of using bots on Soundrop?

This includes: Streaming Abuse: using bots or humans to stream your own music to gain money and / or followers. This includes using service that guarantees you streams / plays on a partner. These services use bot farms to stream your content and using them will result in a permanent ban from Soundrop and from partner sites.