How do I get an EB licence?

How to do an EB Licence

  1. Get a learners licence application form (LL1) from the Traffic Department.
  2. Apply for Code 2 (EB) light motor vehicle licence.
  3. Obtain and study the K53 Drivers Handbook.
  4. Do the written test and obtain your learners licence.
  5. Practice towing especially the yard test manoeuvres you will be asked to do.

Can I tow a caravan with a C1 license?

The answer is actually very simple: If the caravan or trailer you are towing has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of less than 750 kg, you are allowed to tow it with any licence except A or A1. This means a Code C or C1 licence DOES NOT allow you to tow anything with a GVM over 750 kg.

What licence is needed to tow a caravan?

There is no special caravan licence or trailer licence needed for towing; it all depends on how heavy the load is that you want to tow. If it is heavy, you may need to upgrade your licence by taking a driving test for the correct category.

How do I get a motorbike learners license in South Africa?

Steps to getting a licence

  1. Basic training course. The Basic Rider Safe course is a pre-licence training course that teaches the basic skills necessary for you to ride a motorcycle safely on the road.
  2. Apply for a learner’s permit.
  3. Advanced training.
  4. Apply for an R-date licence.
  5. Apply for an R-class licence.

What is an EB Licence?

With a Code EB license, you can: Operate articulated vehicles with gross combination mass / GCM (that’s the maximum weight including the vehicle, load and passengers) of up to 3500 kg; and vehicles allowed by Code B, but with a trailer with GVM greater than 750 kg.

What is PDP Licence?

PDP stands for Professional Driving Permit, and its application does not have to be a hustle anymore. Public Driver Permits were previously known as Public Drivers’ Permits.

What can I tow with a C1 Licence?

Achieving a category C1 entitlement will allow you to drive any vehicles with a MAM between 3,500kgs and 7,500kgs, with a trailer up to 750kg.

Can I pull a trailer on my Licence?

Under current legislation, a driver whose licence dates from before 1 January 1997 is allowed to tow a caravan or trailer weighing up to 3500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM). Anyone who qualified after that can only tow up to 750kg, and if they want to pull anything heavier, they have to take a trailer towing test.

Can I tow a caravan with AB licence?

If you have a Category B licence and passed your test on or after 1 January 1997 you can drive: Towed outfits: you’re restricted to a combined MAM of 3,500kg and the trailer MAM must not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle (85% ratio remains strongly recommended).

Can you tow a caravan on a UK licence?

You need a full car licence before being able to tow with any larger vehicle. A full car licence already lets you tow trailers.

Can I drive a motorbike with a car licence in South Africa?

Yes you would require a code 1 Learner’s Licence (LL).

Can I ride a scooter with a car licence SA?

The holder of any class of South Australian driver’s licence can ride a moped, as long as it’s registered, insured and compliant with Australian design rules.

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