How do I change my search engine to Google on Windows?


  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. At the top right, click. Settings.
  3. On the left, click Privacy and Services. If you don’t find this, first click the Menu. at the top left.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Address bar.
  5. In the “Search engine used in the address bar” drop-down, select Google.

Can I change Cortana search engine to Google?

For obvious reasons, Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to switch out Cortana’s default search engine — if you want the convenience of Cortana, you’ll need to get used to using Bing. You can actually force Cortana to use Google — or DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo — instead of Bing with a Google Chrome extension called Chrometana.

How do I force Cortana to Chrome?

Here’s how to switch the browser, and set up the Chrome plugin, if needed.

  1. Type Settings into the Cortana search bar and hit Enter.
  2. Select System.
  3. Choose Default apps.
  4. Navigate to Web browser, click Microsoft Edge and change it to Firefox or Chrome.
  5. Download and install the Chrometana extension.

What is Chrometana?

Turn the tide with Chrometana Pro, a chrome extension forcing Windows and Cortana to use Google Chrome and your favorite search engine instead of Edge and Bing. Pick between Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Baidu.

How do you change Windows Search to Google Windows 11?

Here’s how to change your default search engine in Windows 11….Note, that this will require a few steps.

  1. Open Settings, and over on the left tap Apps.
  2. Now tap Default apps, and scroll down to the browser you want to set as your default, Google Chrome, say.
  3. In each setting listed — . html, for example, or .

How do I install Google as a search engine?

Installing Google Toolbar Search for “Google Toolbar” using a reliable search engine. Click on “Install Google Toolbar” from the results. Click on “Accept and Download” to download the installer. Run the installer to install Google Toolbar. Restart Internet Explorer.

How do you make Google Preferred search engine?

Open Internet Explorer. In the top right corner of the page, click the gear icon. Click Manage add-ons. On the left side of the page, click Search Providers. In the bottom left corner, click Find more providers. Select Google. Click Add to Internet Explorer. Check the box next to “Make this my default search provider.”.

How to make Google your default search engine?

Open Microsoft Edge.

  • Go to .
  • At the top right,click Settings and more Settings.
  • In the “Advanced settings” section,click View Advanced settings.
  • Under “Search in address bar with,” click Change.
  • Click Google Search Set as default.
  • How can I use Google as a search engine?

    The steps to make Google the main search engine vary depending on the web browser. For Internet Explorer, users should look for the search box on the top right-hand side and click the arrow pointing downward. The “Manage Search Providers” button allows users to select Google as default search engine.